VIDEO: Tanzania Will Become Best African Nation Under “The Bulldozer” John Magufuli – Adeola Fasheun Says


The praise and accolades on the new and dynamic President of Tanzania, John Magufuli keep pouring non stop.

Nicknamed “the Bulldozer,” since assuming office just four months ago, John Magufuli has transformed his country and set the pace in Africa.

SaharaReporters’ Adeola Fasheun gave him three “gboosas” in respect, predicting that if he continued this way, Tanzania would soon become the best country in Africa.

In a jaw dropping video narration of John the Bulldozer’s few days in office, Adeola described his the President on his first day in office walked to the Ministry of finance and told them to clean their act.

She describes how he went to the state hospital and finding the new machines were not working in a scam to divert government hospital patients to private clinics, he immediately fired the hospital director and gave a two week ultimatum to get the machines working. The machines were repaired in three days!

On frugality, Adeola described how President John Magufuli cancelled a 500 million shilling slated independence ceremony and turned the day into a sanitation day in recognition of the cholera outbreak. Adeola lamented that while cholera had only taken 75 lives and yet the Bulldozer cancelled a “wasteful” independence ceremony and rather went outside to personally shovel and clean along with the country; in Nigeria where Boko Haram has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced persons die daily from starvation, Nigeria’s presidents keep celebrating lavishly.

Adeola referenced how new “change” President Buhari went to Ogun state to party the day there was a dastardly Boko Haram massacre of 300 persons in Dalori in Borno state.

Buhari parties Ogun @ 40 while Dalori burns
Buhari parties Ogun @ 40 while Dalori burns

Within just four months, the Bulldozer slashed all top officials’ salaries and canceled “sitting allowance” for congress, asking why Senators should get sitting allowances when they received full salaries.

The articulate presentation captured how the Bulldozer banned all officials except himself, the Vice President and one more top official from flying business class. Relegating all official trips to be conducted in economy class. The President of Tanzania also cancelled all unnecessary foreign trips and slashed delegates to a recent summit from 50 to 4, insisting that ambassadors and foreign commission staff should represent the nation at events abroad rather than wasting millions on flight, hotel and the like.



Nigerians have complained that the Nigerian President who it was hoped would lead by example is rather maintaining the most expensive fleet in Africa while Nigeria and making all trips, both necessary and extremely unnecessary while the nation suffers a recession.

The video is guaranteed to make any viewer quiet and perhaps sad. It is a must watch.

Uganda and South Africa have asked their Presidents to copy pages from John the Bulldozer’s book. Nigerians are doing so too.