VIDEO: Unlike Shettima And Igbo Govs, Fayose Immediately Commissions Hunters Against Terror Herdsmen


Ekiti state governor Ayodele Fayose has commissioned hunters to take out marauding herdsmen who have been wrecking havoc across the country and recently invaded the state. Video recorded by Vanguard showed the governor speak to the group and promise them logistical equipment including mobile phones.

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Calling the herdsmen a political instrument and Boko Haram on mission to the south west “gradually,” he promised they will fight them. “If you kill two Ekiti men, you have killed all of us,” the governor said.

He promised that he would further go to the House of Assembly to criminalize illegal grazing.

If you are not safe then I must resign,” the governor said.

Vexing that the herders rape and kill and as such “a few must be brought down” for the others to run in the “war against Ekiti” being waged by the alleged herders.

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima
Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima

Terror herdsmen have massacred communities in Benue and other states for years but the governments in those states failed to swiftly act. The same goes for Igbo states where the governors typically take little to no independent actions. Likewise many have criticized the governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima and other northeastern states who allowed Boko Haram to become a menace without acting immediately the trouble started. Some had said that Boko Haram terror can never erupt in the South west because the governors will quickly swing into action before it takes root.