VIRAL Video: No Need For Headache, Discussion or Referendum, Break This Marriage – Northern Youth


In a viral video on FaceBook, a northern youth rejected northern governors who he accused of representing Nigerians spending their treasury and thought they could also represent Nigerians in their own homes.

“Who are even these northern governors representing?”

He said the decision has been made by Nigerian youth: no need for headache or long discussion on any table or any referendum, “let’s simply break up this marriage.”

He asked why Igbo elders were coming to the north when their governors and senators stood by secessionist youth who insult the rest of the country everyday.

He said he has good relationships with Igbos which he will maintain as still his family and happy partners whether they are in Nigeria or not. He said of Igbo billionaires that “we can settle you with your money and you go back to form your country.”

He said that though he stands for one Nigeria, he feels that those who insult us and believe they are the most integral part of the country should go and be their own country. “We don’t need no war.”

“We are the youth and we represent this country, no one else.”