Wahhabi Mindset & Mentality


by Haruna Elbinawi,

-He arrogated to himself the position of “Registrar” of Islam to determine who is a Muslim & who is not!

-He excommunicated all Muslims from Islam for rejecting Wahhabism. And even those Wahhabis that differ with him are also excommunicated from Islam.

-He hates when non-Wahhabis are address as Muslims or use Islamic symbols & slogans. Only he has the right to determine who is a Muslim & who is not!

"Devil's Horn" clock in Saudi Arabia dwarfs Kaaba
“Devil’s Horn” clock in Saudi Arabia dwarfs Kaaba

-He goes to a Shia mosque on Friday to kill them while they are performing #Friday Prayers, he that claimed to be “Muslim” did not perform Friday Prayers!

-He considered women inferior to men & women must not drive cars as car driving is only for men! #SaudiArabia

-He thinks God had given him the mandate to kill anyone who do not follow Wahhabi teachings, to rape their women & loot their properties! #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc

-He thinks everybody is “inferior” to him since he is a Wahhabi & thinks he is superior to all!

-He thinks broad knowledge is a waste of time as the only important knowledge is the teachings of #Wahhabism. #NarrowMinded

-He thinks if he killed the innocent in schools, markets, hospitals, cafes etc by suicide bombing then he is going straight to “Paradise where 72 virgins are waiting”.

-He thinks every little thing is killing & beheading, his heart is emptied of mercy & compsssion!

-He thinks “the biggest enemies of Islam” are Shia Muslims for the simple reason that no Shia Muslim will ever be a Wahhabi!

-He thinks he knows All, while in reality he knows nothing but did not know that he knows nothing!

-He celebrate when the innocent are killed & massacred for the simple reason he do not wish for others to be guided!

Finally, wish for a world without Wahhabism & Zionism – the twin notorious Evil…..