Wahhabi Terrorism, Killings In Nigeria, Syria etc And the NWO

“…But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” [Quran 8:30]

by Harun Elbinawi,

One powerful car bomb & two suicide bombers struck a civilian neighborhood of #Damascus close to the resting place of the beloved Grand daughter of the Messenger of God ( sa ), Sayyeda Zaynab (as), killing 60+ people that included women, children & the aged. The choice of that neighborhood was deliberate, it is populated by Shia Muslims & the intention was to kill as many people as possible.

In a quiet village 5km from #Maiduguri town, the capital of Borno state, suspected #BokoHaram thugs wearing the uniform of the Nigerian Army struck. The attackers shot anything alive & moving, they burnt the whole town & also burnt #children alive. More than one hundred people were killed, more hundreds injured. The choice of target was deliberate, a soft target & the intention was to kill as many people as possible.

After some brutal massacres by the Nigerian Army of which the most heinous is the #Zaria_Massacre where the Nigerian Army killed 1000+ defenseless Shia Muslims in Zaria in just two days, Nigerians find it increasingly difficult to differentiate between the #Nigerian_Army & #BokoHaram. The #Nigerian_Army massacred innocent Nigerians like the #BokoHaram thugs & the BokoHaram thugs wears the uniform of Nigerian Army.

In #Yemen, the Saudi regime in coalition with some Arab regimes that included #Egypt have been bombing that poor & impoverished country for close to one year killing thousands of people that included women, children & the aged. They had destroyed schools, hospitals, mosques, residential homes, valuable infrastructures & important historical sites with bombs supplied by US, UK, France & Germany. And because the Western powers are behind the Yemeni on slaughter by providing logistics, intelligence & in some cases taking part in the bombings, the world is silent. It was just recently that the #UN condemned some of the bombings & said war crimes might have been committed.

All these killings, slaughters & beheading that are taking place in various countries of the world are not isolated incidences, they are calculated projects of the New World Order ( NWO ) of which the murderous Wahhabi Terrorism is one of their effective tools to further their evil agenda.

It is important to note that every keen observer knows the root cause of this murderous terrorism that is killing the innocent in the name of #Islam but the New World Order ( NWO ) have never attacked or condemned this root cause. In fact the incubators of the murderous Wahhabi Terrorism are closely allied to Western powers & they do not even hide it.

A prominent #US Senator recently said there are more than 24,000 Saudi – funded ‘madrasa’ schools in #Pakistan alone that teachings the poisonous ideology of #Wahhabism that only promote hate, intolerance, extremism & terrorism. The question is how many of such ‘schools’ do we have in Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia etc? The Wahhabi #Terrorism project is a Global enterprise that is fed with the blood & sufferings of the innocents of which the overwhelming majority are innocent #Muslims.

Any ideology or inclination that legitimize the brutal killing of the innocent is not religious, it is an evil cult that must be rejected & condemned. In Islam, God said in the #Quran to Prophet Muhammad ( sa ) that he has sent him as a mercy to mankind. With this proclamation, mercy & compassion are important ingredients in Islam. A person that have mercy & compassion will not place car bombs to kill defenseless civilians or go to a university and kill innocent students and their teachers or go to a village & kill everybody. The ideology & mindset that breeds such monstrous evil must be eradicated before such terrorism will be defeated.
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