Wake Up Nigerians! You Must Say No To Illegitimate Interim Government!

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

by Dr. Idris Ahmed

It is beyond any doubt that Jonathan is the most criminal and dangerous head of state Nigeria ever had. Recent events have shown that this monstrous war criminal and 419 PhD scammer is well armed to the teeth to sink Nigeria into the abyss. He rather do this than hold credible free and fair elections, which will see the transfer of power to a legitimately elected government.

The real countdown to dismantling the Nigerian state began on Saturday 7/02/2015, when Jonathan’s treasonable security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and military his chiefs, forced the head of INEC, professor Jega, to postpone the general elections by a whopping 6 weeks, citing bogus security concerns as the reason for postponement. This is despite the fact that under Nigerian constitution only the parliament has the powers to force such a momentous event.

Just few days after that event, on 09/02/2015, the leaked news came through that a secret memo was sent to all the heads of Divisions, Brigades, and Battalions of the Nigerian Army across the country for a 3-day strategic meeting at the 1st Division military headquarters in Kaduna. The purpose of the secret meeting was to discuss how to rig the general elections using the military apparatus, as was the case in Ekiti state in August 2014.

On Thursday 12/02/2015, another leaked news came through that a secret meeting of all PDP governors (except Bauchi and Jigawa), and stake holders was held at the presidential villa to discuss how to rig the general elections using Nigeria’s stolen wealth as bribes. Jonathan approved the distribution of N20 billion among some state governors. He announced that Kano, Lagos, Rivers, and Kaduna states would be given N2 billion each to woo voters using whatever unlawful methods available. Another N2 billion was also set aside to bribe TV stations, Radio stations, and political and public analysts to talk more in favour of Joanathan and his bogus achievements over the past 6 years.

On Saturday 14/02/2015, the day that general elections were supposed to be held, the innocent and peace loving people of Gombe were invaded by 36 trucks load of Boko Haram marauding barbarians. When Sambo Dasuki forced the INEC boss to postpone the general elections, he promised to fix the security problems of the North East within 6 weeks. A grave and pertinent question that only Jonathan, Sambo Dasuki, and the service chiefs can answer is this; where did the 36 trucks load of Haramites come from? The terror barbarians had enough time to cause destruction in Kwadon, and Dandin Kowa environs of Gombe. Furthermore, the Haramites distributed treacherous leaflets asking locals not to participate in the electoral process. It is remarkable how Boko Haram terror barbarians suddenly transformed from a deviant religious extremist group to a convenient political thugs group working for Jonathan and his illegitimate government!

While all this is happening, a security alert reached us this morning, which suggests that the treasonable Sambo Dasuki has embarked on secret mission to coerce the Emirs in North West, to support the idea of an illegitimate interim government. Yesterday he was in Kebbi State where he held a meeting with Emir of Argungun. He is reported to be on his way now to Gwandu on the same mission. Under this Satanic arrangement, it is suggested that IBB will finally emerge as the head the illegitimate interim government. Of course with this evil genius (IBB) in place, it will be business as usual for the cabal. Elections may never be held. Those war criminals who committed genocide, and the thieves who looted Nigeria clean and dry will never be prosecuted. The Haramites too will be pillaging and spilling human blood more than ever before!

We call upon all well meaning Nigerians to say a big NO TO INTERIM GOVERNMENT!! Our people must resist this by whatever method lawfully available to them.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.