Watch This Homosexual Male Discus How He Caught And Treated Oral Gonorrhea

June 8, 2014


You may be grossed out watching this video where this jovial homosexual talks openly about how he caught (at a bath house) and treated an acute case of oral gonorrhea.

WARNING: Video has some gross pictures of his throat.

Here’s some of the toys Jerome recommends on his website:

Tantus Twist butt plug review

tantus twist butt plug review LTASEXBilly Diaz

Tantus Twist is a screwy little plug with a lot to offer. It manages to be fun and exciting for those inexperienced folks but isn’t so bland that my experienced booty got bored. This one is going right into the toy box, for sure.


Twist by Tantus

What: Butt Plug

Price: $38.99

Material: Silicone

Body Safe: 10/10

Max Diameter: 1.3”

Insertable Length: 4”


Turn ons

After opening up the clear plastic box that encased Tantus Twist, I got my first real look at it. It was purple and quite cute in its design. The box it came in did not do it favors, except accurately singing its praises.

Once I got Twist in my hand, I immediately felt the soft premium silicone that they bragged about on the package. It’s silky soft to the touch, definitely what you’re looking for in a toy you’re putting in your butt. It’s also hard to do well and is a great sign of high quality.

Twist’s spiral shape makes it amazing for those individuals who enjoy toys that have plenty of ridges. Insertion is where this toy gets the majority of its points. As I pushed it in, those deep ridges did wonderful things for my sphincter. Although it’s not that big, I still felt plenty full, too.

While Twist is on the small side of things, it’s a great balance for an everyday plug. It fits perfectly and elegantly in the palm of my hand. This toy is great for beginners looking to experiment with plugs.

While filling up your butt, Twist is comfy. Even with extended wear, it’s still very comfortable. Also, walking and generally moving gives all sorts of stimulation to the booty.


Turn off

Although, I loved the using Twist, I could see how its shape could be difficult for newbies to enjoy. It requires a bit of knowledge you get from troubleshooting your butt with different toys. Make sure to use plenty of thick lube.

Other stuff

The near $40 price may be a little high for some but I think the high quality silicone and extremely pleasurable design is worth it.

The shape of the Twist totally reminded me of Simone’s drill from Gurren Laagan. While using it I shouted out, “My drill will pierce the heavens!”

Bottom Line

Tantus Twist has my vote for a fun, diverse plug. If you are interested in something apart from the basic butt plug and the shape appeals to you, this might be the twist you’re looking for. I’ll be keeping this cute, little toy within hand’s reach when preparing for more booty Olympics.