We Aren’t Children: Where Is Our Recovered Money And How Much Is It?, Nigerians Ask Buhari

President Buhari; img: Tolu Jinadu


As March draws to an end, Nigerians are beginning to ask the President of Nigeria to give a total sum of moneys recovered from looters; give a list of the looters and the amounts they returned and also inform the nation on where the money is.

Nigeria’s ruling administration has kept recovery of loot as some form of secret and continued postponing telling the citizens what was being recovered and from whom, “sort of like we are children,” a NewsRescue commentator said. “I bet you President Buhari will first reveal this abroad somewhere, when interviewed by a foreign Press,” she went on to say.

A lawmaker representing Ihiala Federal Constituency, Anambra State, Rep Emeka Anohu said, ”All the money repatriated, where are the monies, how much so far repatriated and recovered? Nigerians need to know, we don’t know where they are keeping the money.”

President Buhari is not doing us a favor. He is doing his job and a job he is extremely well paid for with so many perks in million dollar gifts when he travels among other things. We are not asking his help, simply that he does his job which includes fighting corruption, recovering loot and telling us. if he wants he can abdicate his duty. Then the same way we are today getting our pound of flesh from Jonathan and his team for corruption, and the same way Obasanjo dealt with many corrupt men, so also one day we will deal with him too. So it is not a favor but a job and he should do it well and dutifully to earn our support.