‘Why Is The West Battling Russia’

By Akanimo Sampson,

Port Harcourt

REASONS why world powers of the Western bloc are battling to bring Russia, to her knees, have crept into the open. Their current crisis with Russia is that she annexed Crimea and altered the geography of Ukraine.

But, in an exclusive interview with this reporter in Awka, the Anambra State capital in Eastern Nigeria, a prominent Nigerian spiritual leader, and socio-political thinker, Chief Nwankwo Nnabuchi, gave some insights to the geo-political power struggle in the world.

Nnabuchi who leads the Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood, an order of avatars and robe travellers said it is an irony of history that the same West did not blow hot and cold when the geography of Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia was altered.

According to him, ”when these former Soviet republics were decimated, there was no sanction or threat to European security because it suited the Western programme. However, the issue is certainly not Crimea. The decision to put US missile shield in Eastern Europe was taken way back in 2007 by Bush, at that time there was no Crimea.

”The truth is that US establishments, using Europeans as tools, have been consistent on the encirclement and balkanisation of the Russian Federation.”

The European Union (EU) is composed of the Big Four: Britain, France, Italy and Germany. France and Britain were on the same boat during the World War 2 while Germany and Italy were in a different boat.

The Nigerian seer who said he was speaking for the inner circles of spiritual masters pointed out, ”at the formation of EU, France and Germany agreed on parity. France insisted on this condition to safeguard herself because of economic and population disparity. This explains why joint meetings of German and French leaders are crucial in arriving at important EU decisions.

Continuing, he added: ”US entered Western European axis of World War 2 in defence of Britain and by extension France whose leader was almost a refugee in Britain. Having been liberated through US effort, both countries still appreciate that cooperation, and US does harness that understanding when dealing with EU. Nobody is in doubt that both France and Britain are in the forefront in implementing to the letter any instruction or assignment from US.

”If France could renege on the contract with Russia to build two war ships because US objected to the deal, almost completed, and paid damages for breach of contract, then there is nothing under the sun France and Britain cannot do for USA. The situation is even more sympathetic when it concerns Britain. To some thinkers, Britain is merely a quasi handbag of US, and this explains why very sensitive military hardware are stationed in UK, [i.e. F22 warplanes and B52 heavy bombers].

”Although Germany and Italy succumbed to pressure and forced to queue in line, they are doing so as conquered and annexed colonies. However, France, Germany and Italy are suspicious of Britain and this explains British non-comfort-ability in the Union.”

Germany was however, not known to have participated in colonising many countries outside Europe. Within Europe, she has never shied away from proving to the bloc, that except Russia, she has always been in control.

”Regrettably those European nations that were liberated by Russia turned their back on Russia. If they had behaved like Britain and France, Europe would be having balanced deliberation, thereby curtailing US grip on them. The Balkan and Baltic countries which stabbed Russia at the back exposed themselves to any form of slavery from the powerful nations of Western Europe”, he argued.

It appears, Germany, as the biggest nation with the most robust economy, is still mindful of the German agenda. What German politicians did not achieve through military conquests in the First and Second World Wars is being achieved systematically through soft power which is likely to be transformed in military capabilities. This could happen in two ways:- through the formation of an independent European Army to satisfy the yearning of many European nations whose role as vassals of US is insulting or through the collapse and defeat of US.

Both options are possibilities and if any of the options does take place, all the countries of Baltic and Balkan areas which abandoned Russia would be betrayed, and Russia would not hesitate to demand a pound of flesh for the betrayal. And all US weapons, assembled in the Baltic and Balkan countries, primarily to contain and balkanise Russia, would be handed over to Russia unconditionally or at best, would change ownership and become weapons of countries wherein such items are stationed as was the case during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to the spiritual masters, ”the future of EU is a very uncertain one. Many European leaders have already made powerful statements to this effect. Britain joined EU lately but since then she has been seeking revisions upon revisions of the terms of her continued membership. This is a clear indication that she was not comfortable. The key goal of the founding fathers of EU is that each member nation must surrender her sovereignty; without which the future of the bloc [the super state of Europe] is doomed.

”A super state means a state of one currency, central bank, customs, armed forces, parliament and head of state or government with one economic, foreign and defense policy. A sovereign nation within a super state is an aberration and can never be a functional entity. Soviet Union tried this system but it failed.

”For Britain to think that she can remain a member of a super state with a different currency, central bank and head of state is an illusion. The argument of Boris Johnson to exit now while the day is young is a better option than to wait and face the fate similar to that of the countries in the Soviet Union.

”Pressures from NATO, EU, G7, and all other allies of US disregard the well-being or rather the welfare of citizens of Britain, whose fate cannot be guaranteed in the incoming EU military force or the new super state of Europe. The tide of UK in Europe is on the wane.”

Former US Defence Secretary, nuclear expert and mathematical physicist, in the late 2015, stated that there would be a nuclear war in 2016, likely to be triggered off by either a shoot-out between Russia and US or through acts of terrorism.

Recently, a former NATO general, Sir Alexander Richard Shireff in his book – 2017, War With Russia echoed the same view but pushed the date of the war to 2017. New defence shields in Romania and Poland, supported by accelerated military exercises by NATO in the Balkan, Baltic and Nordic areas are pointers to those views as expressed by former US and NATO officials. Recent invitation to Montenegro to join NATO further aggravates or catapults tension at Russian borders. Lastly, the reluctance of US to engage Russia to a heart-to-heart dialogue tends to embolden Putin to accept the challenge of history in defence of his fatherland.

Recently EU, under the leadership of Mrs. Angela Merkel, entered into an understanding with Turkey on migration issue. It later turned out that Germany was acting under pressure from US, and this lacked the endorsement of the collective body of the Union. Earlier, NATO encouraged Turkey to shoot down Russian plan unjustly. Turkey is again on the spotlight by agreeing to host US radar, missile defence shield and the existing 90 nuclear warheads in Incirik air base, further complicating her participation in the geo-political equations of Western Europe, Middle East and Russian influenced sections of the Eastern Europe.

Continuing, the wise men said, ”as more Arabs enter the heart-land of Europe, cultural and religious conflicts are bound to arise. As more Arabs are taught in German school, and as more mosques are built in Germany to satisfy their religious quest, German blood will begin to change to new specie and this shall impact on the habit of the new German race. The first effect is that the German machine will be in constant repairs and this may impair on its efficiency and may be that within the next 30 years a new generation of Germans will be born, and nobody can easily forecast its effect on Europe as a whole.”

Adding, they said, ”the current economic sanctions against Russia were based on the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine. For political reasons Russia was accused of being responsible for the tragedy. Consequently, Russia’s offer to assist in the investigation was declined disrespectfully. However, three major issues were highlighted:-

* Ukrainian Aviation Authority ought to be held responsible for allowing the plane into conflict zone.

* JIT assertion that the accident might have been unintentional is plausible because MH17 might have been mistaken for President Putin’s plane which was rumoured to be returning to Russia through that route.

* If Russia’s evidence or assistance was snubbed by the Dutch and their European/US allies, it was nonsensical to be expecting certain information on Buk missile from Russia.

”Based on these circumstances, the sanctions slammed on Russia by EU on the basis of the tragedy of MH17 failed the test of responsibility on the part of EU.

”The presence of NATO in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with a combined population of 6,116,136 people on the pretext that these Baltic States are being protected from Russian aggression or the assertive posture of Russian Federation is not correct.

”There is no threat whatsoever from Russia to warrant the invitation of NATO forces. The only plausible reason is that NATO is preparing to engage Russia in a military conflict. To do so, NATO needs to encircle Russia, place economic and military embargo against Russia, and then dictate conditions which if not met would lead to military confrontation.

”Meanwhile all the foregoing three factors are already on the ground. The next likely move is to instigate another uprising between a NATO member and the Russian Federation. The shooting down of a Russian warplane by Turkey was to start a war between NATO and Russia. It was averted by the patience and tolerance of Putin.

”It is an irony, with the level of education of the Baltic states and economic ties with Russia, that these mini states would succumb to US pressures, indoctrination, blackmail and propaganda. Why would these small countries be jumping up because of the presence of NATO forces on their streets? Are they in their right senses? Are they not aware that Russians are as well citizens of some of these states? In any case Hitler promised Germany liberation and freedom but ended up ruining her country.

”The same scenario is about to be re-enacted in the Baltic region. If an organization of 28 nations with a population of 900 million, defense budget of $900.5 billion and GDP of $37.5 trillion invades Russia, do you think that Russia would rely on man-to-man, tank-to-tank or rifle-to-rifle war? If these Baltic countries are thinking in this direction, they are living in the world of deceit, stupidity, ignorance or timidity.

”As regards Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and their neighbours, the same argument comes into play. If they were parts of the Soviet Union at the time of Cuban crisis why do they now opt to endanger the existence of their countries? They are fully aware that Russia has enough stockpiles of nuclear weapons to erase them from the face of the earth, if they elect to stand between her and the US.

”The entire world is well aware that Russians have great potentials in mathematics, sciences and weaponry, and now that their existence is under threat from US and EU, President Putin will do everything humanly possible to harness these innate gifts to attempt to defend the live of Russians as well as the corporate existence of the Russian Federation, and this situation may redraw the geo-political map of the world.

”For countries of Baltic and Balkan areas to think that President Putin would sit down and watch the annihilation of Russia is an unviable preposition. No sane man thinks in that direction, more so, now that US has drawn the battle line between Washington and Moscow.

”Retreat on the part of US is doubtful because her actions have betrayed her. To further US preparedness to fight Russia, she is currently testing weapons that would make her opponent’s GPS systems either unreliable or non-existent within 300 nautical miles radius. These scientific and technological feats notwithstanding, Russia, as the weak and the victim of aggression will be under the cloak of God, the weaver of metaphysics, and its physical subsidiary, – physics and its accompanying technology.”

”China and India are proofs that economic progress is not limited to the aprons of the west only. An enhanced economic activity depends on eradication of corruption and fair competition in all economic endeavours. It is certainly not a function of a particular system of state administration.

”China’s economic rise to the 2nd largest economy is quite different from the approach India is taking. Poland and Hungary, new entrants to EU are leading EU-mania group while France, Germany and Italy, the founding fathers of EU are leading EU-phobia group. If the citizens of the founding fathers of an organization are doubtful of the future of the group, it does mean that Poland and Hungary are crying more than the bereaved. US has budgeted $3.4 billion for anti-Russia propaganda and maneuvers in countries sharing borders with Russia, but keeps in mind the possibility of working with Russia when it is in her own interests.

”The clock of doom is ticking at the instance of the rascality of EU which fans as well as directs US ‘poisoned air mixed with fire of annihilations’ towards European territories. It is certain that US has abrogated all Strategic Arms Limitations Treaties [SALT] with Russia, a tacit understanding that Europe is exposed to short and medium range ballistic missiles armed with thermo-nuclear warheads travelling at hypersonic speed.

”Is Europe under spell or intoxication to willingly encourage this tragedy? Although they are in bondage as a result of US colonization, one would expect them to at least resist this move”, the wise men said.