I will defeat Jonathan easily in 2015 —Kwankwaso

By Ibrahim Kabiru Sule

Kano State governor and an All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso yesterday said after surmounting the hurdle of APC primary election, it would be easy for him to defeat the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan at the 2015 election.

Kwankwaso said he is the only candidate in the APC who can split the PDP’s nationwide votes in the 2015 presidential election and eventually have the highest number of the votes.

He was speaking shortly after commissioning his national campaign office in Abuja and disclosed that many prominent politicians in the country were in APC because of their belief in his candidacy.

“By commissioning this office today (yesterday), we look forward to more hard work especially in the next couple of weeks so that we win the primary election in the APC and by that, God’s willing, it will be an automatic victory during the general election.

“… I am happy to say that I am the only person who can divide the votes of PDP and take the biggest chunk of it. I am not talking of the APC, which I believe I am going to take 100 percent of it, but the PDP, after splitting it into two, Kwankwaso will take the bigger share of their votes,” he said.

He said his administration, when elected in 2015 will make it a priority to end the present security challenges and bring back the glorious days of development in education, agriculture and youth employment.

The APC presidential aspirant decried the deteriorating relationship of Nigeria with its international friends, which he said have been angry with the present government due to the incidences of government failures in tackling corruption and insecurity.

He flayed PDP for denying other interesting presidential aspirants in the party the chance to participate adding that “everybody in the party is being coerced to surrender to only one man, I think they only printed one form. The only thing is that when they were extremely under pressure, when they realised their mistake, they decided to open.”