Will Smith slaps gay reporter who harassed, tried to kiss him; reporter apologizes [Video]

May 24th, 2012

NewsRescue– In a story and video that has gone viral, famous black Hollywood celebrity actor, Will Smith, knuckle-slapped a gay reporter who tried to lip-kiss him.

‘Oooh my God, what the H** is your problem, mehn!’

‘…he tried to kiss me on ma mouth!’

Will exclaimed, in visible shock and disgust.

‘He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him. … Sorry, I said that on camera.’

Will, went on to say.

The awkward moment of harassment, transpired on May 18th at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III

The reporter has since apologized, according to PerezHilton:

Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk explains:

“After having the possibility to think and analyze everything that happened, now I do apologize for my behavior. But I still hope for other meeting…I think it was too much…I can say it was it was an emotional impulse. Will Smith is a person whom I deeply respect as an actor, I’ve been watching him since my childhood and of course when I met him in Moscow finally I just wanted to do something, not extraordinary, but to impress him. We have Slovak tradition, and of course I don’t do that often – I don’t kiss every man or woman when I meet him or her on the street – but that time I decided to do that…I don’t take offense and of course we have different mentalities, ethics, stuff like that, and it’s not a big deal for me to say, ‘I’m sorry, Will. It was a splash of emotion. It was an emotional moment, and I’m sorry for that.’ Next time if I meet him, I’ll just shake his hand and then we’ll be fine. I can’t say that I did it for fame, I’ve interviewed Madonna, I’ve interviewed Bill Clinton.”