Winner named in beauty pageant at Russia EXPO

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The ‘Miss Moscow-2024’ beauty pageant concluded on Friday at the Russia EXPO international exhibition, which is currently underway at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNKh) in the capital.

Liliana Bulatova, a 20-year-old professional model, was named the winner of the contest, which featured 44 participants aged between 17 and 30.

Apart from the competitions between the models aspiring to become Miss Russia, the festival also featured designer fashion shows, performances by pop stars and by other young vocalists.RT

©  Sputnik / Anatoly Medved

The award ceremony was marred by a minor incident, when one of the participants, Snezhana Nedilskaya, erroneously received the ‘Moscow Beauty Grand Prix’ crown. It promptly turned out that she’d been mixed-up with her namesake, Snezhana Vilkova, and the contestant had to surrender the award. However, Nedilskaya did win the ‘Miss Perfection’ award, and even managed to snap a picture with two awards to post on her social media.RT

©  Sputnik / Anatoly Medved

The grand winner of the contest, Bulatova, has received the 300,000-ruble (about $3,500) prize and her qualification to participate in the all-Russia pageant, the ‘Beauty of Russia 2024.’

The national pageant is set to kick off at the VDNKh on Sunday. The opening ceremony will feature a parade of models sporting national costumes representing different regions of Russia.

The ‘Beauty of Russia’ is one of the oldest beauty pageants in the country, first held in 1995. The participants in the pageant are the winners of several regional contests.