World protests against IMF, World Bank and Nigeria subsidy removal

January 11th, 2012

NewsRescue- Protesters world wide denounce the IMF and World bank compelling Nigeria and other African governments to suddenly remove fuel subsidies. On January 1st, 2012 the president of Nigeria, joining governments of Ghana, Chad, Guinea and Cameroon, suddenly announced the removal of the so-called fuel subsidy, resulting in a hike of pump prices from N65 per liter to N141 per liter. This fueled protests and calls for impeachment around Nigeria and abroad against this pseudo colonialism and what is regarded as an insensitive move by the Nigerian government. Nationwide strikes have paralyzed Nigeria for 3 days now. Read more: IMF Forces African Nations to Remove Fuel Subsidies

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Here are images from protests around the world:

Washington DC Protests


 Ghana Protests; Coalition calls for presidents resignation

Ghana Protests {Osun defender}


Included below are images of Nigeria’s leaders being made a fool of by IMF new boss, Christine Lagarde who it is alleged set the Nation up for the current insane, deadly chaos. These images are so picture perfect, straight out of the 419eater (scam bait) website. We included 4 pictures from 419eater to compare:

 More of the same from scam bait websites-

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