World Radio Day: Foundation Empowers 50 Rural Dwellers & Blind Women with Radios, to Enable them Access Global Information


As the world cerebrate world international radio day, the founder of a known Governmental organization (foundation for the protection of women and children In Nigeria) Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani has empowered some women residing in rural areas and blind women’s in the metropolis of Kaduna state with some radio transistor, in other to enabled assessing information on all the local and international news, and also know their Right.

According to Ramatu ,despite the arrival of mobile phones and similar technologies that is growing across African countries day –by-day , radio remains a vital way of sharing news and communication in many various ways ,adding that Radio remains accessible when other modes of communication is going down in the case of emergencies.

She said,the reason for empowering the northern rural and other blind women in the region ,is for them to know their basic right, because they are the most backward when it come to issues that has to do with knowing their right, when compare to their counterpart from the southern part of the country.

The pointed out that there are 30 basic human right they need to know, and through listening to radio, they can be able to know them, among these right are , The right to education, The right to life, The right to privacy, The right to asylum, The right to a nationality, The right to social security, the right to democracy, the Free right to say what you want, and We are all protected by the law ,and Nobody can take away these rights and freedoms from us, etc.

“She said,world international radio day is a day to educate the rural women and the Blind women on all the basic human right that were been abuses ,and through educating women on the importance of accessing radio, these right could help them in reducing the increasing violation of human right across Africa”

“I educate the kids about human rights and how it’s our responsibility to learn them and spread the word, and The easiest means of informing the masses to know about their right is through radio,as radio remain one of the most effective means of communication across in west African”.

Ramatu further says , Radio is an empowerment, a form of education and enlightenment as It enables people to have access to information and also have an opportunity to express themselves in various ways through phone calls,or used of social media to send message to the radio house.

“Millions of people round the world listens to radio more than any means of communication, because with light or no light,in as far as there is battery, information will surely be delivered to a large audience more than any other means of communication.”

Additionally, she noted that radio has for decades been the only medium where people in the North get better informed more than any other medium,and that is why she decided to shares these radio to Rural women and some blind women at home, in other have access to information locally and internally on all the happening around the globe.

The sub –themes for 2018 are “Radio and Sports build and unite communities, Radio and Sports inspire participation and inclusion”

Responding on behalf of the beneficiaries, Malama wasila isah a blind women residing at Rigasa in Igabi local Government of Kaduna expressed happiness over the donation, saying that radio is her best friend, because with Radio,she can be able to know what is happening in the country.

She said, Blind men and women were the best listeners of radio worldwide, because that is where they depend on accessing all information round the globe.

“Radio became the best friend for blind people in Africa,and is the best medium for all their sources of information”.

Also contributing Malama Aisha Abbas another Blind women who received the 12 band radio receiver says ,with this radio we will know what is happening around our communities.

She said, she has been dreaming having radio, but thank God the day has come someone has donated a radio to her and her and family ,so that they can be assessing news and know their right

Mrs. marry James is one of the women residing in a village called Gwauro Rohigi, she also expressed delight of having her first radio in her life, saying that this radio would surely help her listening to all the situation in her town while urging government to remember fulfilling their campaigns promises of providing social amenities which could be used to improve the life of the rural dwellers.