#XenophobiaSA: Don’t Just Get Mad, #BoycottSA

Press Release By African People’s Union [AfricanPeoplesUnion.org]

Our governments in Africa are all the same: they like to get the disaffected masses to fight each other to distract them from the central ills of corrupt, vacuous governance.

To insulate the governors in their offices, tribalism and xenophobia are actively promoted by the governments as their focused policy to keep the masses embroiled in wars within themselves.

The tolerated xenophobic attacks in South Africa which are not a new phenomenon are one more in a series of such tactics operated by failed governments across Africa. The administration’s tolerance of these unorthodox social infractions is evidence of this artificial aberration being official South African government policy.

Social Inequality: the masses in South Africa’s ghettos, nicknamed “Townships,” suffer under humiliating living standards. These townships are the habitations of South Africa’s blacks since apartheid “ended.”

As the people realize their existence in these townships is little different from that of Palestinians in Gaza refugee camps and Black Americans in prison, unable to pick the real fight with the authorities, (usually having a black skinned Caucasianoid at the helm) once a fight breaks out with a more prosperous co-dweller, the disenfranchised masses pick on him, and rather than the singular criminal act evoked riot being contained by state security, the government happily looks the other way, pretending to be unable to contain the crises/terror and actually eagerly fans the flames.

In Nigeria we are quite familiar with this government facilitated chaos; having just survived 6-years of government fanning flames of ethnic and sectarian strife hopeful of setting the masses in full-blown war while officials plunder and attempt to manipulate the crises for political redemption.

We do not expect much from our governments across Africa or the South African government on this years old matter.

Where governments fail the people have no choice but to act.

The African People’s Union hereby calls on all Africans to Do Something. While we must not ever physically hurt or harm any national, we call on Africans and friends of Africa to join a battle against corporate South Africa and the South African government where it hurts them most – their economy:





Boycott anything to do with South African businesses.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian