Yobe State: Picture Of Yusufari Sand Dunes Goes Viral On the Internet


While the 6 years of the Jonathan administration has not been much to write home about with the northeast of Nigeria being most noted for the period to have flowed rivers of blood, a picture out of that sad story has lit up the internet.

The Yusufari sand dunes image above is surely a beautiful sight to behold of natures wonders. It is one of many natural and human wonders within that Boko Haram devastated northeast.

Abubakar Gambo said on faceBook: This is neither North Africa nor the Middle-East, this is Yusufari in Yobe state, Nigeria. 

“While we shouldn’t underestimate the seriousness of desert encroachment, we shouldn’t forget that some parts of the Nigeria have been desert regions for centuries. I think in our effort to stop the encroaching Sahara we shouldn’t end up losing the diversity of the terrains across the country. By the way, this is Kuri-Wakko dunes in Yusufari, I think either MTN or Glo has once used the place in their adverts.”

Credit for photo to IrisPhotography