You Are Nothing Without Character And Integrity, VP Osinbajo Says At Cabal Elumelu Program


Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo surprised the crowd with a very unusual, pungent address he delivered at the commencement of the TEEP (Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program) at Covenant University Saturday in Ogun State.

TEEP is a $100 million entrepreneurship project by a foremost Nigerian Cabal, Tony Elumelu. The program seeks to train 1000 select Africans in skills to make them “better entrepreneurs” and possibly part of a illuminate network.

In attendance were the Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, Tony Elumelu, Prime minister of Benin, Covenant University CEO, Pastor Oyedepo and others.

Keeping Nigeria In Darkness

The speech by Vice President Osinbajo however created an uncomfortable silence in the venue. There were tapered words of praise for Tony Elumelu whose foundation had committed the millions for the project. Rather, representing President Muhammadu Buhari at the event Osinbajo’s carefully selected words were clear cut and direct: Without character and integrity we are nothing! Without character, your endeavors are worthless!

Without integrity we gain nothing, there is no advantage to human kind from entrepreneurs who have no integrity.

Indeed if one looks at the United States in spite of the technological development there has been a recession and the 99% protesting disenfranchisement from greed and corruption of the 1%.


“This is an avenue for African youths to come together to unite, learn and also network.

“Enterprise, commerce and society cannot survive without character, so the key word here is character and integrity, which also include respect for rule of law, prompt tax remissions, etc.

“It is a known fact that credit is the live wire of commerce and it behooves every entrepreneur to showcase integrity which reflects in the repayment of loans and keeping the promises of quality.

Tony Elumelu represents the finest of Nigeria’s cabal. The chairman of Transcorp he was a major benefactor from Nigeria’s losses during the corrupt Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan PDP administrations.


It can be recollected that in 2013, Goodluck Jonathan gifted 2.6 trillion Naira to Elumelu’s Transcorp in the corrupt sale of Nigeria’s power assets. The assets were refurbished and maintained for N3.2 trillion and gifted to Elumelu and other cabal at only N400 billion. It can be recollected that at the time Forbes reported how Elumelu made $123 million over night from the pockets of Nigerians. See: How Tony Elumelu Made $123 million In 3 weeks From The “Cheap” Purchase Of Nigeria’s PHCN.

Transcorp Tony Elumelu in newly acquired private jet after purchasing PHCN
Transcorp Tony Elumelu in newly acquired private jet after purchasing PHCN

Today PHCN and its privatization is one of the worse stories out Nigeria. With power supply diminishing to an all time low and Nigerians paying higher tariffs for little to no power delivered, PHCN owned by Elumelu and other cabal like him is one of the major hindrances to development and national security as the nation struggles dangerously in darkness.

The social media was quick to pick on the Saturday event. Twitter comments included: