Zakzaky Movement Dissociates Self From Stone And Stick-Wielding Youth In Pictures


The official Islamic Movement website has dissociated the detained leadership from ordering some youth to arms as captured in images of the Zaria Massacre.

The group in its statement alleged that those wielding arms may have been organised by suspicious elements as their faithful are aways known for unarmed protests.

The group leader’ house was mowed down and his sons killed by the army at 11pm the night of the massacre without police investigation or court order.

Their statement read:

“It could be seen that some members were trying to pacify those already charged to calm down and move back and the commander telling the troops who were already kneeling down to take firing position to hold their fire. We are still trying to find out who were the people carrying cutlasses and other local weapons because they are not really brothers as the Sheikh himself already opined during an interview with the BBC. If it were something arranged the weapons would have been seen with all or many of the members present in the video. Our opinion is hat those people were agents of infiltration purposely posted to ignite the fire of the Well-Planned carnage.”

The full statement can be read here.