#ZariaMassacre: President Buhari Warned of Divine Vengeance

By Ibrahim Alkatibi,

“If it was committed with Buhari’s order, then he committed gross oppression. And if the army told him after the operation, then they have fooled him.”

– Hajiya Naja’atu Muhammad.

On Wednesday 6th July, 2016 the African Shurafa Forum (ASF) of the Islamic movement under the guardianship of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) paid a courtesy visit to the famous human right activist and politician, Hajiya Naja’atu Muhammad in her house at Sharada, Kano. The visit was also part of Eid El-fitr celebration and the visiting team was warmly welcomed by their guest.

After a brief introduction from brother Mukhtar Director, the chairman of the visiting team, Sidi Atiku, addressed Hajiya Naja’atu on the purpose of their visitation. Then Hajiya Naja’atu took over and gave an inspirational speech to her visitors and wept when she narrated the tragedy of the ZariaMassacre. She said: “By Allah, He will never let go this crime. I had been to the president, Muhammad Buhari, twice and I told him that obviously a great atrocity was committed if you are the one who ordered this massacre, and if they only told you after they have perpetrated it then they have fooled you. And by Allah, He will never let go this and He will surely revenge.”

Several other Nigerians like Mrs Zeenat Zakzaky and her husband have been held without charge or trial for over three months
Several other Nigerians like Mrs Zeenat Zakzaky and her husband have been held without charge or trial for over three months

The famous politician further declared that Islamic scholars today have now turned into politicians that they don’t bother what Allah said, they only yearn for money. It is unfortunate to find none of them who will boldly stand for truth.

When talking about the lack of care and responsibility of the elites of Northern Nigeria, she said “About 1000+ of them turned into Christianity in the southern region after they were rescued from the areas affected by Boko Haram crisis. I phoned the Emir of Kano and informed him about it and he said he is aware and that they are investigating. He also said that he summoned the business community of Kano and formally addressed them on the issue as well. But there is nothing they can do, because the youths refuse to come back when they were asked, according to them there was no one to help them when they almost nakedly sleep on the streets and no one bother to help them when they almost die of hunger. Now they were housed, feed and clothed. So of what benefit are their Northern counterparts to them?”

She further added that “The Northerners are of no benefit to one another. 63% of Buhari’s budget was on the Yorubas. Northeast and Northwest only got 24% each with 12% respectively. Even agriculture that he is proud of only got 2% of the total budget.”

She said, the military carnage in Zaria is an unprecedented merciless massacre that even the Pharaoh of Egypt did not commit similar to it. She read from a book that Pharoah used to feed his people by slaughtering thousands of camels, cows and sheeps for his tribe’s survival. And this is why Allah prolonged his life. But from the day Hamana advised that the food items be reduced and weapons be bought instead for they have no knowledge of what Moses is planning, in view of that one-third of food was reduced. That same time Prophet Moses said, Allah has answered our Du’a, Pharoah was led astray by Hamana.

She further declared Northern Nigerian politicians are not mindful of their peoples lives, they don’t care if they are killed. And she said that, By Allah she fears no one, whoever is he; for that reason she speaks up against whatever is wrong. And this is what she was taught by her father during her childhood, to never fear anyone; there is nothing one can do for her, and she is still on that. She was attacked severally but Allah always delivered her. Some people stepped into her house from the roofing but she was not in the house the day Sheikh Ja’afar was killed.

She narrated how former President Jonathan attempted to kill her where said “He appointed me as minister twice and I refuse the offer, so he invited me to his residence in Aso rock. His wife squeezed my wrapper saying that there is money in it. I said I don’t like that, I have principles. I understood that she don’t know what is principles, she insisted that there is money. I said to Jonathan, you are killing Northerners under the sham of Boko Haram, you stop it no one will say you are not. I believe that you the one who kills people. And I don’t want your appointment as Minister but don’t kill me. And he said he won’t kill me. One day they invited us for an interview, I was poisoned there, I almost die, I spent two years in one hospital in Germany. I undergo six surgeries, I lost all my intestine in the process. The doctor told me that I will live a long life. My daughter failed to recognize me, she only cried the moment she saw me. For this reason, I fear no one. The greatest ignominy is to fear mankind.”

She calls upon the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) to spread the calling of the Sheikh (H) all over the world. She said that, only Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is concerned with this country’s situation and he is the only one who can bring justice. She advised the members to let the people know more about the Sheikh (H) by writing on social media. She further added that, she is no longer part of the corrupt elites, how can I be with them, do they have Heaven or Hell? I am neither after money nor after political appointments. My hope is to bring change on people’s live but they refused. I am even tired of telling them yet they refused to change. We follow Allah because of the fear we have of His Hell and yearn for His Paradise. And we follow the holy prophet (S) for his mercy. What will they be followed for?” She asked.

She narrated how well she knew Sheikh Zakzaky (H) while she was studying at ABU Zaria where she said “I was the first female president of Students Union in ABU from 1983 to 1984. One day I was invited to the mosque where they used to offer their activities under the guidance of his wife. The next week I invited twenty women from our association to the mosque.”

Ibrahim Alkatibi wrote from Kano