#ZariaMassacre: Why Governors of Northern Nigeria Went to Saudi Arabia?

El-Rufai, Shettima other northern governors In Saudi Arabia , January 2016
On 12th & 13th December, 2015, the Nigerian Army launched a coordinated & pre-planned attacks on the peaceful Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) killing 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Nigerians. After the brutal massacre, the Nigerian Army burnt some of the bodies and buried the rest in mass graves to bury the evidences. Nigerians called for the Nigerian government to establish an independent, credible and impartial judicial commission of inquiry to investigate the Zaria massacre. But the Nigerian government declined to do that despite the huge loss of human lives and massive reports of gross human rights violations by the Nigerian Army.
The active Nigerian human rights community rejected all the reasons forwarded by the Nigerian Army as the cause of the massacre. A kangaroo commission was formed by the Kaduna State Governor Nasir Elrufai that was dominated by die-hard Salafis who have ShiaGenocide as a Global agenda and retired military officers who have vested interest. The Secretary of the commission who will compile and finally write the findings of the commission is a die-hard Salafi that hated anything #Shia_Islam. The Kaduna State Governor did not include any member of the Nigerian human rights community to the membership of the commission.
The despotic King of Saudi Arabia called the Nigerian President Buhari immediately after the Zaria massacre to congratulate him on the massacre and called for more. From there it becomes clear that the root of the brutal Zaria massacre is not in Nigeria, the root is far away from the shores of Nigeria. It was a case of the imperialist hunting dogs executing the evil agenda of their imperialist masters without considering the consequences that will follow.
We were conviced that the hunting dogs will want to be rewarded for a job well done by murdering 1000+ Nigerian civilians in cold blood. Then abruptly we heard that the Nineteen Governors of Northern Nigeria have sent a five (5) man delegation to Saudi Arabia “to negotiate a loan”. The governors were led by Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, who is also the Chairman of the Northern States
Governors ‘ Forum, (NSGF). Governors Tanko Almakura of Nassarawa, Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna and Mohammed Abubakar of Jigawa are part of the delegation. The meeting between the governors and the bank’s top executives started on 31/January/2016 and lasted till Tuesday Feb. 2nd.
It is important to note that the visit to Saudi Arabia was not the initiative of Northern Governors, they were summoned by the Saudi authorities to be reward for the brutal slaughter of 1000+ Nigerian #Shia_Muslims and the destruction of the iconic Zaria Husseiniyya. The Northern Governors were in such in a hurry that they forgot all the provisions of the Nigerian laws as it relates to foreign loans.
Nobody captured the scenerio than Senator Shehu Sani, who chairs the Senate committee on foreign and domestic debt, who said that the Northern Governors’ effort violated the laws of Nigeria. According to the outspoken senator, who also serves as vice chairman of the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs, the Governors’ application for the loan is a breach of Nigerian laws “that clearly and unambiguously rest the exclusive right to borrow externally on the Federal Government.”
Senator Shehu Sani stated, “No state or group of states can borrow from [an] external source without approval from the National Assembly and clearance from the Federal Ministry of Justice.” The senator declared, “Whoever led the Northern Governors to Saudi for [a] loan is ignorant of the relevant provisions of the law or he has chosen to circumvent the law.”
It is important to also note that the Nigerian President Buhari has slated to visit Saudi Arabia by February ending on a state visit, the addition of visits to Egypt and Qatar are mere decoys to make it look like a tour. This is all part of the effort to receive the reward for the brutal killings of 1000+ defenseless Nigerians and the total destruction of the Zaria Hussainiyyah. Every conscious person knows how the Saudi regime is obsessed with Shia Islam & the ascendancy of #Iran, and it’s quest to attack and destroy all groups that are friendly towards Iran.
From a reliable source we learnt the following:
(1.)The Northern Governors that travelled to  Saudi Arabia went there to discuss how to destroy IMN.
(2.)The Saudi authority is trying to get all the Northern Governors on board to support the moves by the Kaduna State government.
(3.)The terms of reference of the kangaroo commission was Expanded after the  Saudi meeting.
(4.)These includes how to judicially and legally  Proscribe #IMN and criminalize Shi’ism in Nigeria etc.
(5.)The Kaduna Governor promised the commission that all the outcome reached will be accepted and implemented.
(6.)Channels for further studies abroad to #Iran, #Iraq & Shia – related countries by members of the IMN will be stopped.
(7.)The case of members of IMN that was recently taken to court will be dragged, that was why they adjourned the case to 29th of March, 2016.
(8.)The Nigerian Government is dragging foot with respect to Shaikh’s case Visa-vis his freedom by keeping him incommunicado until they get favourable indictment from the kangaroo panel of inquiry of the Kaduna State Government. They are afraid of the consequences of Shaikh’s freedom, they wish to use the indictment to implement all the above Saudi-sponsored agenda.
This discuss is important so that Nigerians should understand that the present Northern – dominated civilian – military cabal that is at the helms of affairs today in Nigeria is not the servant of the Nigerian people that voted them to power. This cabal is hell – bent on executing an evil agenda that was designed & programmed by the Saudi regime that has already set fire on some countries that include #Yemen, Syria & Iraq.
Harun Elbinawi