122 Israeli, US Officers Stationed in Saudi Faisal Air Base

Leader of the Zionist party Meterz, Zahava Gal, said that 122 US and Zionist officers and pilots are stationed in Faisal bin Abdul Aziz air base in Saudi Tabuk, Israel in Arabic website reported.

The deployment of these officers comes under a US-Saudi agreement and indicates the extent of the development of military relations between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity.

Leader of Meretz revealed that the agreement includes the installation of the Zionist “iron dome” air defense system, hoping to catch up with what the American Patriot system has failed to do.

Zahava Gal explained that the area is being under the custody of the Americans and the Zionists, while Saudis are not allowed to enter, stating that the Zionist entity has no problems with the Saudi authorities, but the problem lies within the extremist ideas in the Saudi society.

Gal disclosed the agreement because she objects the dispatch of Zionist officers to the Saudi air base, saying: “Given that Saudi Arabia decided through a secret agreement with Israel to hand over the islands of Sanafir and Tiran to Israeli army soon, we do not have the need to send our specialized officers to the King Faisal air Base in Tabuk. I declare that this reckless decision by Benjamin Netanyahu will drag us to the trap of Saudi terrorism sooner or later.”

The leader of Meretz party has published the names of the 122 officers operating in Tabuk air base.

Source: Al-Manar Website