BREAKING: Dr. Sebi, Black man Who Cured AIDS, Cancer And Won New York Case Is Dead


World renowned herbal healer, pathologist, and naturopathist Dr. Sebi has reportedly passed away today, August 6th. He was 82 years.

While the exact details of Dr. Sebi’s death are slowly developing, Twitter has reacted with a wave of condolences.

According to Dr. Sebi’s homepage, he was born Alfredo Bowman in the Honduras in 1933 and learned the craft of herbal healing from his grandmother. Dr. Sebi also studied with a Mexican herbalist and began a line of dubbed “Cell Food.”

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Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez cured by Dr. Sebi
Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez cured by Dr. Sebi

One of Dr. Sebi’s claims to fame is his teachings that rendering the body to an “alkaline state” is it’s authentic state and protects it from diseases.

Dr. Sebi is also famous for vegetable cell food compounds to fortify the body.

He is popular for having “cured AIDS” and all other diseases. He has treated several high-profile individuals including the late Michael Jackson and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. [Watch Lopez talk about Dr Sebi]

Beating a New York state court case attempting to silence his practice is one more feat Dr. Sebi is credited with which shot him to global popularity..

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