Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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BREAKING: Boris Johnson Announces End to Mandatory Vaccine Passports in UK as Common Sense Trumps [Video]

NewsRescue UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the end to mandatory vaccine certificates otherwise known as "Vaccine passports" as common sense appears to...

Court Rules: Buhari Must Pay N1bn Damages to Nnamdi Kanu, Apologise Publicly for Rights Violation

By Cletus Ukpong, A State High Court in Umuahia, Nigeria’s South-east, has ruled that the Nigerian government violated the fundamental human rights of the detained IPOB leader,...


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Saudi and Emirati religious moderation inspires few beyond their borders

NewsRescue by James M. Dorsey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have drawn praise for social reforms that have domestically reduced the role of religion...

British Queen’s Spanish Ancestor Makes Royal Family Possible Descendants of Prophet Muhammad

Theory has it that Queen Elizabeth II is the 43rd granddaughter of the Prophet of Islam By Ertan Karpazli, Excerpt: One particular name of interest that comes...

JMD: Whither Muslim Solidarity and Moderation?

by Dr. James M. Dorsey Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki AlFaisal Al Saud must have gotten his tenses mixed up when he asserted in...

Back to the Taliban, Afghan Falls

US Embassy has been evacuated, American flag lowered 20 Years of US Intervention Goes Back to the Future...or Future to the Back By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News Afghan...

Scottish Four-Year-Olds Can Now Change Gender At Schools Without Parents Consent

By Anugrah Kumar, The Scottish government has issued new LGBT inclusivity guidelines advising schools to allow children, including those as young as 4, to change their...
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Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, spotlights the swapping of the rule of law for the law of the jungle

NewsRescue by James M. Dorsey, When a Russian-led military force intervened earlier this month, it did more than help Kazakh President Qasym-Johart Toqayev restore and strengthen...