Sunday, October 24, 2021

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JMD: China in the Middle East: Stepping Up to the Plate

By James M. Dorsey By defining Chinese characteristics as “seeking common ground while reserving differences,” a formula that implies conflict management rather than conflict resolution,...

‘Modern Day Slavery’: Tariq Nasheed Succinctly Depicts Govt-Big Corp Kyrie Irving Subjugation

NewsRescue Popular black activist Tariq Nasheed has elaborately described the current intimidation of NBA star Kyrie Irving as slavery in this day and age. The Nets...


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Back to the Taliban, Afghan Falls

US Embassy has been evacuated, American flag lowered 20 Years of US Intervention Goes Back to the Future...or Future to the Back By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News Afghan...

Scottish Four-Year-Olds Can Now Change Gender At Schools Without Parents Consent

By Anugrah Kumar, The Scottish government has issued new LGBT inclusivity guidelines advising schools to allow children, including those as young as 4, to change their...

Bloodthirsty Fanatic Kaduna Gov. el-Rufai Vows To Appeal Judgment Freeing Illegally Incarcerated Zakzaky, Wife

By Abubakar Ahmadu Maishanu The Kaduna State Government says it will appeal the judgment of the state high court that discharged and acquitted the leader...

On the Question of “Tagleeb” or “Taghleeb” and Iblis/Satan Being a Jinn in Islam

NewsRescue Because this reddit thread is closed and was not answered, and there are many similar threads in Quora and elsewhere, I'm providing the answers...

VIDEO: How Late T. B. Joshua Planned To Mark 58th Birthday This Week

NewsRescue Late pastor T. B. Joshua who died yesterday, Saturday, was about to mark his 58th birthday in June 12th. The following video was one...
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JMD: Reducing Middle East tensions potentially lessens sectarianism and opens doors for women

NewsRescue By James M. Dorsey Two separate developments involving improved relations between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and women’s sporting rights demonstrate major shifts in how rivalry...