Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Coffee prices in Russia more than double in seven years – study

NewsRescue According to the RBK news outlet, a cup of coffee in Russia now costs more than twice as much as it did seven...

Olive oil prices skyrocket

NewsRescue According to this week's report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), global olive oil prices reached record highs in September, reaching $8,900...


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Thousands demand withdrawal of French troops from Niger 

NewsRescue Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the French military installation in Niamey, Niger's capital, to demand that French forces withdraw from the country. A...


American Muslim Calls MBS to Intervene as Ethiopia Demolishes Mosques, Kills Muslims [Video]

NewsRescue An American Muslim convert, Ali "Maliki Clique" has made a passionate call on Youtube to the Saudi Crown Prince to intervene in the plight...

JMD: Gulf states test the boundaries of their agency [Video]

NewsRescue by James M. Dorsey More than three years after burying the war hatchet, erstwhile Gulf rivals are moving in separate ways as they maneuver...

Successful Mediation Between Saudi and Iran Signals Broader Regional Détente

NewsRescue by James M. Dorsey, Chinese mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran potentially signals paradigm shifts in Middle Eastern diplomacy and alliances. The mediation suggests a more...

MBS: Saudi Celebrates Halloween 2022 With Witches, Zombies in Jellabiya [Video and Pics]

NewsRescue Under the reformist new ruler of Saudi Arabia, Islam's headquarters, the kingdom celebrated October 31st 2022 halloween for the first time, with walking dead...

Eschatology: Another View of the Russia-Ukraine War, the Rising Ruble, Petrodollar and Victory of Christ’s True Followers– UK Column + Imran Hosein [Videos]

NewsRescue In this rare interfaith conversation between Exeter-based UK Column journalists, Alex Thompson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott and Sheikh Imran Hosein, interesting view points...
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Are Razer Smartphone Accessories Worth the Investment?

NewsRescue Razer is a market-leading gaming hardware manufacturer that has won awards for its high-quality and innovative products, many of which are a firm favourite...