Abu Dhabi Unboxes Middle East’s First Quantum Supercomputer

Quantum computer processors, computer generated abstract background


In its strides to remain a world leading technology force, the UAE has unveiled the first Supercomputer in the region which has the capacity of quantum computing, moving from the two state, ones and zeros to qubits, supercomputing via exploiting the capacity of mater to exist in two states at a time, which allows for an extranomically advanced level of calculation and computing.

TheNationalNews Excerpt:

Professor Jose Ignacio Latorre, the chief of research at the Quantum Research Centre, one of seven labs housed under TII, said it was merely the beginning of a much longer-term vision to develop leadership in the UAE on advanced technology, a move he sees as critical to national security and economic development.

“There will be a dramatic difference between the countries that own the technology and the ones that depend on the technology,” he said.

“The Emirates, like Singapore or Israel, [countries] of comparable sizes, cannot depend fully on allies. They have to develop their own technological strategies and they have to be sovereign. That is fundamental,” he said.

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The journey started in 2018