American Muslim Calls MBS to Intervene as Ethiopia Demolishes Mosques, Kills Muslims [Video]

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An American Muslim convert, Ali “Maliki Clique” has made a passionate call on Youtube to the Saudi Crown Prince to intervene in the plight of Ethiopia’s Muslim population. He said 32 Masjid had been destroyed in Ethiopia amidst a global media blackout, not reported on CNN, AlJazeera or Fox news, he said, claiming the agenda is to remove Muslims from Ethiopia in 10 years.

Several Muslims have tragically been killed amidst violent protests that erupted following the demolition of multiple mosques in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. This move by the Ethiopian government has sparked widespread anger and resentment among the nation’s Muslim community.

The protest, which took a fatal turn, occurred at the grand Anwar Masjid, one of the prominent mosques that fell victim to the controversial urban planning initiative by the local authorities. This incident unfolded immediately following Friday prayers, a time typically associated with peace and reflection among the worshippers.

Ethiopian security forces, responding to the unfolding chaos, reportedly used tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd. The confrontations escalated, resulting in three Muslim worshippers being shot dead and dozens more injured.

In the aftermath, around 114 Muslim protestors were arrested. It is unclear at this point what charges, if any, will be brought against these individuals. The actions of the security forces have further fueled the anger and tension within the local Muslim community.

These recent incidents of violence were triggered by a contentious urban planning project initiated by the local authorities. Under this scheme, numerous Muslim places of worship on the outskirts of Addis Ababa were targeted for demolition. This has incensed the local Muslim population, leading to these protests.

In a statement, Fana Broadcasting Corporate, a state-affiliated channel, reported that 65 police officers had sustained injuries of varying severity during these violent confrontations. Despite this, there has been a clear outcry from the Muslim community against what they perceive as targeted oppression and disrespect towards their places of worship. As Ethiopia grapples with this religious and social unrest, the world watches closely for the government’s next move.