2019: Buhari Won’t But I Will Force Your Internet, Power, Phone Rates Down Drastically [Audio]

Dr. Perry Brimah


I want to tell you about cabal mentality and a cabal system, and you will see if you can recognize it. Do you know that the amount you pay for gigabyte is ridiculous? That there is unlimited talk, text and data plans in the US as low as $20/month (N8,000)? Do you know that you pay double what people pay in America for light (power) and for cable? That in the US the triple package of cable, phone and unlimited high-speed internet is as low as $70/month?

So you are in the ‘third world’ but are paying two or three times more than people pay in the so-called first world. Why? It is because you are running a cabal system which is set-up to exploit you so the billionaires get richer, and these issues I just raised are not on their radar. I mean, Buhari and Osinbajo’s radar. Or are they?

Why should you in a ‘third world country’ be counting gigabyte by gigabyte while the your peers in the US know of no such thing? How will you progress, conduct your research and be competitive in a global net-linked village when the cabal strangulate you to a gigabyte by gigabyte snail’s pace?

The things that matter in your life: internet that will enable you advance, phone that will make you communicate and make connections for business and pleasure, light, water. When did you hear Buhari and Osinbajo or Jonathan and Patience discuss these things? They believe you have them already; they believe you should be happy being exploited, paying exorbitant rates for these things. They will never fight the cabal who sponsor both political parties and force them to cut down those rates. They believe in the private sector which really means about 30 cabal. You know their names. Masses and consumers are never invited to those meetings and boards. The consumer does not count.

Obasanjo, Atiku and el-Rufai dem ran the privatization frenzy scam, private sector exploitation campaign. They signed up all these deals and sold off all we had at cheap rates to their friends to secure permanent wealth for themselves and put us in permanent bondage to the cabal. And them Buhari and Osinbajo are their friends, in bed with them and the same cabal who they appoint as heads of all government boards to monitor these very processes where they have been given monopolies. Do you see a cabal system? Do you see any way out of it except by a hard or soft revolution in the sense of a candidate like myself, with no ties to the cabal, coming in ‘guns blazing’ to shoot down all their cemented oligopolies?

Let me give you another: do you know that .ng domain is the most expensive in the world? It sells for $100/year. Compared to .com etc that sell and renew at $14 or less/year. Do you see why Nigeria is stagnant? Obasanjo set the .ng up and the cabal he gave it to were so greedy they figured the way to exploit the masses was by selling it at a 600% markup for themselves and his returns.

I have written of these over and over through the Jonathan years and now, seeing that two-years into the Buhari regime, these things are not on their radar; this is why I am contesting to be your next president God willing come 2019. Together we will smash the authority cartel. We will provide government free internet to all major towns and provide sponsor-slot internet hot spots as is in US subway and street corners. We will cut down rates and bring in competition so you never have to count gigabyte in your lives again. We will flood Nigeria with the internet it needs to grow. Internet is water and you shall have it God willing after 2019 on my watch. And we will flood you with the light (power) you need by allowing every household the right to generate its own power and sell it to the grid when not in use. These things are not rocket science.

Whereas there may be no employment, in the developed world, they make sure everyone is able to afford these basic things…light, water, phone, internet and security. The things that matter and that keep you with peace and dignity. But in Nigeria the cabal decide that it is these essential things that they will exploit you on, since you cannot do without them. And the government helps them at it.

The cabal are out to get you. Wait till you see the road-use fines million-dollar-borehole Fashola will slam on you when he finishes building those roads. You go take! Wait till you see how much you continue to pay for the power he will give you. These people set themselves up to be billionaires in a ponzi-like scheme by getting their friends to run the monopolies on you. And you have no say. The government does not enable competition or force down the prices. Only Yar’Adua of distinguished memory fought Dangote to force down his cement prices and overturned the sales of Nigeria’s assets by Atiku, OBJ and El-Rufai dem to him…and then according to US Cables, he died suddenly as he was about to overturn the sale/gift of Transcorp to Elumelu dem. Since then there has been no leader that fights the cabal for you. But that is about to change.

Let’s go, Nigeria. It’s time for Action!

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian