28 days to go: Tinubu blames Buhari for his slump, Scandals keep Atiku stuck in gear one, Obi soars

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Join us on HaveYourSay247 tomorrow, Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 4.00 PM Nigerian Time and 10.00 AM New York Time as we analyze the top stories of the day as the intriguing election 2023 gets to its crucial leg.

Topic 1: On a return visit to Abeokuta, Bola Tinubu offloaded on President Buhari, blaming him for the new currency exchange debacle, petrol scarcity, and all the ills of Nigeria. Will Tinubu’s apologetic trip to Aso Rock heal the wound?

Topic 2: Meanwhile, Atiku Abubakar is still fighting off the G-5 governors, a former aide who turned into a whistleblower, and a slew of other scandals. Can he recover in time to regain the lead?

Topic 3: Instead of fizzling out, Peter Obi’s campaign soars. His trip across the North gives his opponents a sleepless night. Will he take it to the finish line? 

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