50 Goat-Senators And The Dilemma Of The Rest Of Us

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

From all indication, Nigerians are dumbfounded to the show of shame by some Goat heads named senators, whose only interest is to openly support corruption and corrupt individuals from prosecution and hanger of the law which have explicitly defined that, there is nobody above the law in Nigeria, as upheld by the government of change.

The big Goat amongst them only managed to summit itself to the slaughter slab of the law, only when  it found out that all known exit within the premises have been closed against its anticipated escape, the big Goat senator tried for two days to subdue the patience of the Goat slaughter man called the ‘Judge’, who has already shapen his knife so as to cut the throat of this big Goat senator that stole and eaten our grass and further try to take over some of our land, which was referred to as “anticipatory stealing” ment for future spinning, just like gambling houses found in the country that this big Goat senator was rumoured to be its citizen.

The reason why this big Goat senator was difficult to catch was because it is not Nigerian, the rumours in circulation suggested that this big Goat senator is a British citizen. It is very suprising how this British Big Goat senator was able to mobilize the rest of the Goat heads senators in order to scare our Goat slaughter man ‘the Judge’ at the slaughter yard called the Code of Conduct tribunal CCT.

These Goats heads senators are easily found within the Nigerian political sphere, they have stolen so much in the past, through some bogus constituency projects that were only used to build other houses for the rest of their Goat friends.

I think is time for the Nigerian Nation to scrap out these Goat head chamber called ‘the senate’ so that they will stop the nuisance they subjected Nigerians, their mess and shit have boom to our face.

The platform that produce most of these Goat heads senators, the PDP, last time argued that president Muhammad Buhari disclosed the wrong cows, they argued that they can’t reconcile the figure, while Buhari declare 270 cows, the Goat heads amongst them  argued that 150 cows cannot multiply to 270 cows in a month, because they reported that the goats amongst the cows have been keeping record about the multiplication of Buhari cows.

An Animal is always an animal, but what these Goats refused to admit Is that change is the new mantra, as prophesied by the great Lion of the Nigerian people.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]