6-week abortion ban proposed in Florida

Lazy eyes listen


A Florida proposal would prohibit most abortions after the unborn child’s gestational age is more than six weeks — but the measure includes several exceptions to the 6-week ban.

An exception would be allowed if two doctors determine that the pregnancy must be terminated to save the mother’s life or to avoid significant risk of “substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function” to the woman. An exception would also be made if there is no second physician available and a single doctor determines that an emergency abortion is necessary to save the mother’s life or avoid serious injury.

If the pregnancy has not reached the third trimester and two doctors determine that the unborn child has a “fatal fetal abnormality,” an exception would be made. A woman would also be able to obtain an abortion if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest and the child’s gestational age was less than 15 weeks.

Florida state law currently bans most abortions if the gestational age is more than 15 weeks.

When asked earlier this year if he would sign a “6-week heartbeat bill,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said he is pro-life and will sign “good stuff” from the state legislature.