Abuja ‘Group,’ Sponsors Calling for Fayose’s Removal Are Jesters – Ekiti Lawmakers


Ekiti State House of Assembly (EKHA) has described the Abuja group,
Coalition for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, which called on the
National Assembly to invoke the doctrine of necessity to effect the
impeachment of the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose as a group
of jesters.

The House of Assembly, which reacted through the Speaker, Pastor Kola
Oluwawole said “if not for their attempt at misleading the public by
ascribing to themselves an underserved importance, the House would not
have dignified the faceless group and its sponsors with any response,
because they are ostensibly chasing shadows.”

The statement read; “For the avoidance of doubts, the Office of the
Governor of Ekiti State as well of those of other governors in the
country, is established in Part 2, Section 176 (1) of the 1999
constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) for a
period of four years herein called the term of office while Section
180 (1) listed all the conditions that can make an occupant to cease
to hold the office as a Governor.

“Also, Section 189 (1) of the same Constitution listed the conditions
under which a State governor can be removed through the House of
Assembly of such State. Nowhere was it mentioned that the National
Assembly has any role to play in the removal of a governor.

“Also, nowhere was it stated that some drunkards can gathered after a
binge night out  and asked for the removal of a sitting and performing
governor with executive powers as conferred by section 176 (2) of the
constitution, using doctrine of necessity.

“Most importantly, the EKHA is saddled with the responsibility of
oversight functions, particularly with powers on matters of evidence
against any political office holders in Ekiti state inclusive of the
Governor as enshrined in section 129 of the Nigerian constitution as

“These functions, we have carried out without fear or favour and with
so much vigour in the overall interest of the people of Ekiti state.

“However, in carrying out our duties, nowhere and no time in Ekiti
state will this present Assembly and the Executive be at loggerheads
because we remain indivisible, inseparable and closely bounded,
sharing the same umbilical cord with the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr
Ayodele Fayose.

“Therefore, those masquerading as activists in Abuja and calling for
the removal of Governor Fayose are nothing but political jesters.

“Unfortunately they are speaking from Abuja and not from Ekiti, thus
they have no jurisdiction to cry more than the bereaved in the first
instance about government and governance in Ekiti State.”

“Those behind this faceless Abuja group are therefore informed that
their agenda is dead on arrival. It is an impossible mission.

“However, should in case they are desperate at seeing the removal of
any head of government, there is one at their backyard in Abuja, whose
removal Nigerians are already clamouring for, having failed to keep
his electoral promises, but instead subjected Nigerians to hunger and
deprivation, untoward hardships and tendency to dictatorship and
absolutism as well as flagrant disobedience to court orders.

“Lastly, for now and for ever, let those behind the Abuja faceless
group know that as far as the EKHA and the Ekiti People are concerned;
On Fayose We Stand. No Apology.”