Adamawa Governorship: Presidency Dumps Ribadu

OlufamousJolted by the acri­mony trailing his en­trance into the PDP, the Presidency may have withdrawn its support for the former EFCC chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu.

Saturday Sun checks revealed that Presidency was worried by the gang-up by certain governorship aspi­rants for the Adamawa governorship ticket on PDP plat­form against Mallam Ribadu and intelligence reports that former Vice-president, Atiku Abubakar was waiting in the wings to exploit the acrimo­ny in the ruling party to the advantage of the main oppo­sition party, the APC.

A source fin­gered a presidential aide from Adamawa State and arrow­head of the Ribadu governor­ship project as the one who misled the Presidency on the political weight of Nuhu Ribadu.

“The race in the coming days is likely to be very in­teresting but we have all re­solved to be very careful because in politics, you cannot take chances, especially ones that are likely to jeopardise the chances of your party.  When the issue of Ribadu first came up, some indices which we are witnessing now had not come up then…“For instance, no one knew that the acting governor was going to be interested. Also, the impression was cre­ated that all other aspirants were going to step down for him (Ribadu) on the inter­vention of a mutual friend of most them who brought the Ribadu option.

“But right now, the president has insist­ed that he cannot support any of the aspirants against others since there appears not be a consensus among them and more so, that the hurdles we thought could be cleared for Ribadu are not just there but are still waxing stronger.

“So, the situation as it is now means that all the as­pirants would have to carry their various ambitions on the strength of their structures.”The problem now is, does Ribadu have the political strength to defeat other strong PDP aspirants? #wahala

Dr Brimah said on twitter: He hopes he still gets some PDP money from the missing $20 billion.