Africa pursuing clean energy to thwart western interference – expert

Lazy eyes listen


According to Brian Ouma, a renewable energy specialist and entrepreneur, African countries perceive the change to clean energy as an easier way to disassociate themselves from the West. His statements follow the Africa Energy Forum, which is now taking place in Kenya.

Kenyan President William Ruto stated at the conference’s start that his country’s interaction with the energy sector’s potential, policies, investment prospects, and initiatives serves as a prime illustration of the substantial opportunities in the African energy and climate action domain.

Ouma told RT that Western nations have historically used Africa’s natural riches to influence in the politics of African states, and that African nations now see clean energy as a “way for them to detach from the West.”

“We’ve seen it in countries all across Africa—Nigeria, Angola,” he added, adding that the continent had the “backup” resources to invest in long-term green energy.

“We still have enough oil to keep our systems running.” We still have the uranium, but we need to strike a balance so that there is no conflict,” he said.

The EnergyNet-organized energy event in Nairobi began on Tuesday and is scheduled to end on Friday, bringing together African energy decision-makers to create alliances and explore industry prospects.