African nations self-reliant in solving their own problems – Moscow

Lazy eyes listen


Russia does not consider it normal for African peace and security to rely on irregular support from other nations, said Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, on Thursday.

The diplomat stated during a UN Security Council meeting on financing African Union peacekeeping missions that “Russia supports the position of African countries that effective measures are required to improve predictability, reliability, and flexibility in this matter.”

“We believe it is abnormal for African peace and security to be dependent on irregular assistance from individual states and associations,” he continued.

According to Nebenzia, “Africans understand the true nature and root causes of instability in their region better than anyone else.” They have made significant progress in developing the regional peace and security architecture.”

According to Winston Tackie, a business journalist, “deeper cooperation between African states has greatly contributed to fighting colonialism and stabilising the region.”

“There has been a struggle for African resources, where we’ve seen a lot of continental countries come into Africa,” he explained, saying that Russia, on the other hand, has been a “key supporter” of levelling the playing field.