AGAIN, Saudi Prince MBS ‘Sends Assassin Squad’ To Canada To Kill Former Intelligence Officer Khashoggi-style

by Bhavi Mandalia,

Saudi Arabia an influential crown prince Mohammed bin Salmania a lawsuit has been filed alleging that he sent mercenaries to kill an intelligence officer in exile in Canada Saad al-Jabrin.

Al-Jabri had brought the case in a U.S. federal court in the capital, Washington, on Thursday. According to the lawsuit, bin Salman would have sent the killers known as the Tiger Group to Canada less than two weeks after members of the same group killed and dismembered a Saudi columnist. Jamal Khashoggin In Istanbul in early October 2018.

According to the allegations made by Al-Jabri, a group detained and deported at Toronto airport would have included one man who served in the same unit as the killer involved in Khashogg’s dismemberment, in the lawsuit. multiplied. The group would have carried two bags of supplies for cleaning the crime scene.

According to U.S. intelligence, bin Salman personally issued an order to kill columnist Khashogg. President Donald Trump has, in turn, argued that there is no conclusive evidence of bin Salman ‘s involvement in the death.

Former intelligence officer Saad al-Jabri and his daughter Sarah visited an American school in the Boston area in 2016. Picture: KHALID AL JABRI / Reuters

Al-Jabrin according to the allegations, bin Salman has long wanted him to die because the man has a wealth of embarrassing information about bin Salman’s rise to power and other things to do. In 2017, Bin Salman ousted the prince in a power struggle Mohammed bin Nayefin, whose right hand was al-Jabri, who had fled to Canada for a long time, the British broadcaster BBC says on its website.

“Few surviving people have more information about bin Salman than Dr. Saad … secret political plots, corrupt transactions, the formation of a personal assassin group,” the lawsuit lists.

Al-Jabri previously played a significant role in Saudi intelligence, as he worked closely with American and other Western intelligence services following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Of the terrorists hit by passenger planes hijacked in the United States, 15 were from Saudi Arabia, including the leader of the al-Qaeda network. Osama bin Laden. Read more