AI opens ‘new chapter’ of human existence – Putin

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Humanity is entering a new era by utilising artificial intelligence in fields such as research, education, and healthcare, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who spoke at an AI conference in Moscow on Friday, calling the technology’s rise a “obvious” trend.

Speaking at the plenary session of the Artificial Intelligence Journey 2023 symposium, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that new technology is gradually permeating all sectors of the country’s economy and social life.

As an example, Putin cited how artificial intelligence is presently being used in the fuel and energy sectors to dramatically lower the costs of well development and to solve complicated challenges of secure logistics along the Northern Sea Route.

The president said there was a “growing trust” among people for the “revolutionary technology.”

“Thank God, our citizens understand that AI makes everyday processes simpler and more convenient, improves the quality of management and mechanisms for providing public services,” he said.

Putin went on to note the rapid development of generative AI, capable of creating images and text, calling the advent of such technology an “outstanding achievement of the human mind.” 

However, he noted that such breakthroughs pose concerns about the ethical, moral, and social consequences of such technology.

“There are even proposals to pause further work of generative and so-called strong artificial intelligence,” Putin said, adding that the future “does not lie in bans” on technological growth. “It is simply impossible to prohibit it; technology will develop regardless.” “If we prohibit something, it will develop elsewhere,” he remarked.

The president stated that if Russia attempts to block the development of AI technology, the country will fall behind the rest of the world, an opinion held by “everyone” who has the opportunity to develop AI.

Regarding the ethical governance of technical growth in artificial intelligence, Putin urged that such norms be established by traditional values and culture.

According to Putin, modern Western AI systems and search engines are largely aimed at the Western market and frequently operate in a “selective and biassed manner, not taking into account, and sometimes simply ignoring and cancelling, for example, Russian culture.”

In an age of technological revolution, he asserted, “it is the cultural and spiritual heritage that is the key factor in preserving national identity.” He emphasised the significance of utilising Russian solutions to develop “reliable, transparent, and safe artificial intelligence systems for humans.”