ALERT!: @GovKaduna Must Immediately Deploy Police To Kabala West, Kaduna South To Prevent Religious Crisis


Kaduna state government should urgently enforce preventive measures in “Kabala West” Kaduna South local government. In order to prevent the occurrence of another conflict between Muslim and Christian youth in the area! Yesterday, a gang of hoodlums, criminals, idles, and Yan iska, tsinannu, matsiyata. Whose they camouflage themselves as Vigilante. Forcefully snatched my phone and my other belongings around 09:Pm!

The criminals stopped me on my way coming back home from Nariya, when i dropped at Kabala and decided to visit my friend there. After they finished intimidating me and collected all my belongings. They told me that i am innocent and by mere looking at me; and i don’t fall under the category of the Hausa’s boys that are making trouble in their area. They were about 6 in numbers. Nonetheless, they later asked me to follow 2 of them to one house where a lady was stabbed by some Hausa’s boys, for identification whether i was among the culprits. On our way going to the house, they stopped me in one quite place and brought out their locally made weapons which they showed to me and told me to run and leave the place or else they will injure me!

Then, at the same time i also saw the criminals pointing another Hausa’s guys whom were 3 in numbers, saying that another Hausa boys are coming let’s us stopped the Yan Iska. Because they mostly stopped people those who dressed in Kaftan, because even me, that was my yesterday’s dressed ! And if you didn’t comply with them, they will handle you over to the police and labelled you as a thug or thief! Imagine? An armed robber has turned to a moral police!

I also witnessed how they brutally injured one innocent boy and snatched all his belongings, whose his identity is Hausa!

When I stopped a police patrol vehicle and started narrating what happened to me, i saw the other Hausa’s guys inside the police car, and the police were challenging them saying must they come to Kabala or even pass through Kabala? Or is their father’s house in Kabala? Then the police also shouted on me and asked me to go away saying that it’s my problem. The hoodlums also snatched everything from the other Hausa’s guys. I heard some of the Hausa’s saying they will take revenge!

That is Nigeria my country, where criminals and policemen work together to achieve a common goal!
Finally, government must to do everything possible in that area, and ensure that Law and order is in place for the interest of peace.
~Jabir T Usman