Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Group Commends Armed Forces Patriotism

Pan Yoruba Youth group,  the National Committee of Yoruba Youth (NCYY) have saluted Nigerian soldiers who have died and are still paying the supreme prices,  of ensuring that the nation remains united and safe enough, for its inhabitants, saying that Nigeria should never cease in appreciating them and their families.
In a statement commemorating the 2017 Armed Forces remembrance day, issued and jointly signed by Comrade Oladimeji Odeyemi and Femi Lawson, President and Publicity Secretary of the youth group respectively, they described the Nigerian Armed Forces as a true reflection of Nigeria itself, a symbol of our history, our struggles for Democracy and our investment in peace,  which has continued to sustain our Nation.
The statement further described the Nigerian Armed Forces as a true reflection of our diversity, as people from different ethnicity and creeds who have continued to fight for the ideals that bind us as one nation.
The group therefore called on Nigerians to continue to give the needed support and encouragements to members of the Armed Forces, particularly at this crucial moment that the nation is seriously challenged by numbers of internal and external insurgents. It said,  this is the only way Nigerians can repay the ultimate sacrifices made and still being paid by men and officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
The group also use the occasion to appreciate the gallant effort of men and officers of the Nigerian Army,  for the recent victory and mopping up of the notorious Sambisa forest which once housed the headquarters of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group. It also urged the Army not to be distracted by the desperate attempt by the now destabilised Boko Haram group, to relaunch itself, through its isolated operations and campaign of calumny by their sympathizers within and outside the country.