Banned Emirates Airlines Continues Scamming Unsuspecting Nigerians With Flight-less Tickets

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - JANUARY 12: Emirates Boeing 777-31H taxis to teminal at PRG Airport on January 12, 2014. Emirates is an airline based in Dubai.


The media has reported on the attitude of Emirates airlines to Nigerians and Africans. Once again Emirates has drawn the attention of the media with a new scheme to gain money from unwitting hopeful passengers trying to fly to or from Nigeria.

The airlines continues to sell tickets to Nigerians but is not flying to the country and has not been since a travel ban was imposed on it by Nigeria in mid-March due to “discriminatory” COVID testing protocols for Nigerians. Despite being banned and not flying to Africa’s largest nation since March, the airline continues to sell tickets to unwitting passengers till today.

Many have reported falling victim to this scheme and being told their flight was cancelled at the last minute and that refunds are complex and take at least 24 days.

Many unsuspecting victims hoping to travel for the Eid were notified at the last minute that their flight was canceled and with their money being stuck with the airline, have been unable to make alternate flight plans if available.

Our past report detailed how the airline treats African and Nigerian passengers with disdain while traveling as compared to passengers of America and other nationalities.

Nigerians are urged to share this message so the airline will get fewer victims and there will be less disappointments of those expecting to fly.