No Biafra! Those Who Want Nigeria Divided Will Be Disappointed – Jonathan

Jonathan a robber
By George Agba; Leadership

— April 20, 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan declared yesterday that those who think Nigeria as a country will disintegrate would soon be disappointed, saying not even the activities of the Boko Haram sect can divide the country.

“Nigeria will disappoint those who are thinking that the country will disintegrate. Surely, we will over come this tribulations. Those who think that this country will be divided into North, south East and West, or what ever, we will not,” he stated.

Speaking when the minister of FCT, Bala Mohammed led a christian delegation to pay him Easter Day homage at the presidential villa, Abuja, Jonathan deplored what he termed over dependence on the federal government for development of the country, even as he charged state governments to genuinely use their resources to effectively develop their people.

Nothing that insurgency won’t divide Nigeria, the president said, “Boko Haram will not disintegrate this country. Most of you arc even aware when this incident happened in Nyanya, Nigerians from all religions, from all class, participated in the evacuation of all the people who were affected, even before the security people arrived.”

biafra stateHe commended Nigerians for willingly going to donate more blood than was required for the victims of the Nyanya bomb blast, saying “people came from every where, irrespective of their religious belief and persuasion.

“That shows that there is no criminal group, within or outside this country that can break this country. No criminal group will disintegrate this country. Boko haram will come and go. We have overcome various challenges, God willing, we will also overcome Boko Haram.”

Condemning over dependence on the federal government for national development, Jonathan urged state governments to work more for their people by applying resources at their disposal to alleviate poverty in states, rather than resorting to blame games and depending solely on the federal government.

Noting that federal government income was limited, he said it was wrong for every one, including state governments to wait for the federal government to provide everything to alleviate poverty, in the states.

The president said, “Unfortunately in Nigeria, when you talk about the issues of development, people think that it is only the federal government that can solve the problems. The states as semi autonomous components of the federation, Mr. President does not control the resources of the states. They completely control their resources. So, if all states and local government can work in concert, we will solve most of our problems instead of blaming one another.

“I believe that government is one even in terms of separation of power, whether the executive arm of government, the legislative arm of government and even the judicial arm of government. You talk about one government, it is just separation of powers.

“If all of us work collectively, we will then begin to push our selves, hit ourselves, blame ourselves. If all of us are committed to serving the people of this country, surely, we will get to where we are going as a nation”.

The president noted that demographic statistics have shown that the youth pulsation is very large and assured that government at all level, both federal, States and local must work very hard to provide jobs for the unemployed.

He said, “We know we have challenges as a nation, there is the issue of unemployment, those who are not full employed and so when ever you have employment opportunities, people will rush for it.”

On his part, FCT minister, Bala Mohammed who led the FCT group to pay Easter homage to the President, commended Nigerians for their response during the Nyanya bomb blast and assured that his administration will work hard to ensure that the FCT is safe for all Nigerians.

He made a special presentation to President Jonathan in which he prayed for God’s protection on the President, his family and the entire nation.

Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Smart Adeyemi, in his remarks, noted that Easter represents one of the most important events in Christiandom.

He noted that Nigeria was lucky to have a President whose trust is in God, even as he added: “We are a nation that trust in God, Nigeria will abide for ever.

Earlier at a service organized to mark Easter Sunday, at the Aso Villa, Chapel, the Chaplain of the Aso Rock Villa Church, Venerable Obioma Onwuzurumba, urged the congregation to emulate Jesus Christ who laid down his life for mankind.

In his message, titled “Let Us Celebrate Jesus,” he declared that ample evidence exist to show that Jesus Christ resurrected as was shown by the preachings of Apostle Paul who after persecuting the Christians turned around to preach the gospel of Jesus, testifying and showing proofs that Jesus resurrected.

He noted that death is nothing to be afraid of adding that there is joy in Jesus Christ.

Present at the Service were Senator Representing FCT, Senator Philip Aduda, Minister of Youth Develop, Boni Haruna, Perm Secretary power, GodsWill Igali, Dr. Amos Adamu, John Kennedy Opara, Executive Secretary, NCPC, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Edem Duke.