Boko Haram: Dr. Brimah Calls For The Arrest Of Governor Shettima In The US


Vociferous rights advocate, Dr. Peregrino Brimah of the Nigeria ENDS organization has begun a campaign for the arrest of serving Borno State governor, Kashim Shettima while he is in the United States, accompanying Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari on a four-day State visit.

Earlier, Yesterday, Dr. Brimah had released a six page notice in which he detailed reasons why he believed the Borno governor was culpable in the Boko Haram crisis plaguing Nigeria and that he was also extremely corrupt. Dr Brimah in the article caption asked if the two presidents meeting, Obama and Buhari were aware of Shettima’s alleged atrocities.

He has taken his campaign to twitter today with hashtag #ArrestShettima and tweets to US officials to apprehend the governor who is covered with immunity in Nigeria.

Supposedly under advice of Governor Shettima who Buhari took along to the US being governor of the most terror plagued State, the Nigerian president was in a TV interview suggesting a non-specific amnesty with the Boko Haram terrorists which has been the aggressive position of the State governor accused on inaction and corruption, according to Brimah.

Dr. Brimah importantly points out that governor Kashim Shettima is on video on several occasions, just like the ousted president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, saying that he is restraining himself from speaking the truths (about Boko Haram) so heads (of elite and politicians) do not roll.

Quoting the governor from May 13th, 2014:

Leadership calls for restraint, if I should speak, heads will roll.”

Dr. Brimah in his article called this “aiding and abetting terror” and asked for governor Shettima to be immediately detained and forced to “spill the beans” so Nigeria’s masses’ heads can stop rolling. He wrote that as the US suggested, Boko Haram cannot be dealt with by military force alone, but its sponsors and politicians who created it and assisted it over the years must also be dealt with immediately to bring holistic and lasting end to the crises.

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