As Boko Haram takes Over The North: What Northern Leadership?

Aug. 7, 2014


People usually carelessly refer to a “northern leadership,” like such body exists. A certain spook body that sets itself up and positions itself to procure certain advantage for its people. A so-called northern leadership that ensured northerners led Nigeria for about 60% of its life-span; and that this leadership hold was for their advantage, in the north that is.

Today as Boko Haram again seizes a huge chunk of the north and displaces thousands more farmers, the north’s only source of income, I am tempted to ask – what northern leadership? Boko Haram has been comfortably sitting on Damboa and territories surrounding, and today they came out again with Nigerian army tanks, APC’s and hilux trucks and took over Gwoza, killing or otherwise disappearing the emir as the nation’s military men-on-show, stepped back and withdrew to their advance.

We have not heard a sound from that northern leadership as a deadly menacing army is being empowered and enabled to soon conquer their north. Northern leadership? Boko Haram killed the former emir of Gwoza. Where was that so-called northern leadership to ensure his killers were brought to justice? We didn’t hear a sound.

Now, my expectations of a northern leadership may not be clear to you. Let’s take a look at what the leadership of APC said today in reference to anticipated rigging in Osun state. The leadership said as regards that act of sabotage, that if it so happened, they will establish a parallel government in Osun. Yes, this was a brazen, spine-full, deliberate promise of serious action in the event of the electoral undermining of the people of Osun. This was a statement that if the people of Osun are terrorized by the government, the APC will not mind going to whatever cost to secure the rights and protection of the people. That was a leadership statement from a people concerned about an issue. So where do we see the similar leadership statements and reactions from that “northern leadership” in answer to the arming with arsenal, APC’s and tanks from the Nigerian military, of Boko Haram to displace millions of their northern citizens (4 million farmers in latest counts) and the killing of almost 100,000?

Where is the northern elders urgent summit on the terror situation affecting the north and the deliberate resolutions to take over the security of their dying people and territory? Are the so-called northern leaders waiting and looking for dancing-Jonathan who has done nothing toward safe-guarding the life of their citizens in 5 years so-far, except systematically transfer ammunitions and vehicles of the Nigerian army to the terrorists; to suddenly turn a new leaf and help them address the crisis in their ward?

The instance ISIS began its reign of terror in Iraq, within the first week, the religious leadership in Iraq called for the arming of civilians, to volunteer to fight. 1.5 million Civilians answered the call, and these men have been the critical resistance that prevented a globally armed and trained anti-Syria ISIS militia from conquering the entire Iraq. Where is such a call from the so-called northern leadership? What have they done and decided must be done in the reality of the worst terror situation in the world today at home in their region in Nigeria?

I see a vacuum in the north. Some young, dynamic Northern or north-based men need to step-up and fill this vacuum, because if not, Boko Haram will continue gleefully occupying it

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian