Boko Haram Terrorists Can Be President, Terrorism Act For Islamic Movement Youth Protesters, Nigerian Government Says

The Nigerian government via its police chief IGP Mohammed Adamu has just announced the full use of Nigeria’s Terrorism Act to prosecute youth of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria protesting the 3-year illegal detention of their religious leader Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, IGP Adamu said,

“In consequence, henceforth, any person engaged or associating, in any manner that could advance the activities of the proscribed Islamic Movement in Nigeria, shall be treated as a terrorist.”

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were granted bail by Nigeria’s courts, but the rulings of the court were flaunted “in the interest of the Sheikh’s safety” as former Minister of Information Lai Mohammed declared, and in “public interest” as former Attorney General Malami later declared.

*But Boko Haram Terrorists Granted Amnesty, Commuted Sentences, Promised They Can Be President*

What is astonishing is that while many of us Human Right Advocates have been begging the Nigerian government to treat real terrorists, the Boko Haram group and Fulani herder linked terrorists and kidnappers according to the Anti Terror law, the same Nigerian government has commuted sentences and freed most terrorists captured by the previous government and granted unconstitutional amnesties to them. Even going as far as promising that Boko Haram terrorists can become president of the country as General Officer Commanding, 7 Division of the Nigerian Army Maiduguri, Major General Abdulmalik Bulama Biu announced this July. []

At this stage we can only surrender to the Will of the Almighty and pray that the Lord of the world intervenes and rescues Nigeria from the hands of the evil, oppressive rulers doing the bidding of their masters abroad. The state-perpetrated terror, injustice and suffering is too much!

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