Again Bomb Blast At Kasuwan Shanu Area of Maiduguri; Citizens Complain of Insecurity


Another bomb has been reported to have exploded in Maiduguri at Kasuwan Shanu area. No report on causalities yet.

As the war against Boko Haram continues, Boko Haram has engaged in unlimited bombing across the north.

People complain of insecurity

Nigerians in the northeast are complaining of increasing insecurity in the capital.

An indigene complained that security men on Wednesday early morning destroyed properties and businesses in the state capital Customs shopping area and Monday market. If these are security measures, including events of police chasing away marketers; the people complained that they are not being informed so they can know exactly what the government is doing.

Marketers and indigenes complained that life is unbearable as they are forced to exist hand-to-mouth with lack of security and lack of meaningful government program and information on what was in the works to restore life in the metropolis and surroundings.