BREAKING: 6 Youth Shot Dead In Ilorin As General Buhari Says “I’m Not Weak”


Another six Nigerian youth have been shot dead in Ilorin, capital of Kwara state Friday.

Video’s captured youth lying dead in their blood.

The massacre occurred after the youth had allegedly raided the COVID 19 palliative warehouse whereupon they were fired on by Nigerian authorities, according to incoming narratives.

In the midst of the “End SARS” protests, starving Nigerians have been raiding depots with stored food not distributed months after the COVID lockdown. Lagos and Akure depots are among those starving Nigerians have raided while asking why the food is hoarded and has not been distributed with some food spoiling in storage.

Governor Rasak

The latest attack on unarmed youth in Kwara comes after Nigeria’s president, General Muhammadu Buhari declared in a late speech to Nigerians, for his disbanding the SARS police unit “not to be taken as a sign of weakness.” A pronouncement described to promote brutality from the unhinged nations military.