BREAKING! Mutiny Among Boko Haram Commanders: Davis Fallout, Suspicion Leading To Infighting

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We have received sensitive reports that indicate a serious level of suspicion among Boko Haram top field commanders and the groups apex leadership. Mutiny is brewing in the Boko Haram formation.

The top leadership is suspicious of some of its top commanders sent to head conquest missions and plans to apprehend these Generals on suspicion of betrayal. Boko Haram members take very sinister oaths of allegiance, however some group commanders are said to be planning to work with the Civilian-JTF to attack the Shekau top command and later negotiate surrender and disarmament. Several commanders do not have true loyalty to the group’s mission and have been contacting Civilian-JTF for their cooperation in bringing the top leadership to its knees.

A top negotiator for the Jonathan government, Australian Dr. Stephen Davis recently revealed that some commanders had broken group rules and given him names of the sponsors of the group: ex army chief, Azubuike Ihejirika and former Governor of Borno, ALi Modu Sheriff were named. This violation of group code was bitterly received by the top sect command who have grown suspicious of certain of its tentacles.

The have been several reports in the past of Boko Haram soldiers, many forcefully conscripted hoping to find a way out, however the Nigerian army and Civilian-JTF gave them no such option in the past as once captured, they are summarily executed, leaving them the choice between slaughter on mere suspicion of violation in Sambisa camps or slaughter at the hands of the CJTF and Nigerian Military; this is why those members now out of range of the tightly controlled camps, sent on missions as far as Adamawa and Yobe are now negotiating with the CJTF to partner to wage war against the top Boko Haram leadership. The commanders described the Shekau leadership as mentally unstable.

Our sources indicated that Boko Haram leadership is distraught and desperate to kill these regional commanders before the commanders establish their splits. This may be the greatest threat to Boko Haram since its formation as the Nigerian military has never posed a serious or formidable threat to the terrorists.

Our sources also gave us information about the Ali Modu Sheriff led mission to Chad, indicating that Ali Modu Sheriff is a close buddy of the Chadian President and has much of his looted wealth stashed in Chad. Our sources also said that in the past, when Boko Haram members were chased out of Nigeria, only the Cameroonian Government arrested these terrorists, the Chadian Government allowed them relocate into Chad and also allowed their families come meet them there. Further stating that Ali Modu Sheriff who was arrested for Boko Haram terror-linked activities in Cameroon in 2012 can never go to Cameroon.

We will bring more information as we receive it…