BREAKING: PDP In Plateau Giving Bags of Fertilizer For PVC [Pictures]

PDP exchanging government fertilizer for PVC numbersand cards in Plateau state


Ahead of the postponed elections, we report that the ruling People’s Democratic party, PDP is distributing federal resource purchased bags of cement to people in exchange for their Permanent Voters card, PVC information.

This is veritably happening in plateau state and may well be happening in other states in Nigeria.

We have earlier reported on various means by which the ruling party with hands in the nation’s coffers is manipulating and purchasing voters cards and card information across the country fro m the nation’s hungry and desperate poor.

poverty has increased in Nigeria with the country’s National Bureau of Statistics, NBS giving figures of destitute – those living under a dollar a day as over 90 million.

Totla poor is as much as 109 million. This gives very many Nigerians who will sell their PVC card, voting rights and voting information for as little as $5; five days livelihood.

The below image from Barkin Ladi local government in Plateau state, exposes the PDP agents sharing the fertilizer bags to the desperate people in exchange for their PVC numbers and details:

pvc for card plateau

We advise everyone to help gather any information, pictures and other evidences of the electoral rigging machine in progress and always promptly send to [email protected]