British passport office staff begin strike over pay, conditions

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Workers at the British Passport Office have begun a five-week strike in a dispute over jobs, pay, pensions, and working conditions.

According to general secretary Mark Serwotka, over 1,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) walked out at eight different locations.

Picket lines will be set up outside the offices in Glasgow, Durham, Liverpool, Southport, Peterborough, London, Belfast, and Newport in Wales, according to Serwotka.

Despite talks with health workers and teachers, the official accused ministers of treating its employees differently than others in the public sector.

The union has assured protesters that they will be supported by a fund. A letter was sent to the government requesting negotiations.

On April 28, more than 130,000 civil servants are expected to demonstrate across the country.

According to the Home Office, the passport office has already processed over 2.7 million applications this year.