Buhari Needs More Prayers, Dollar Will Hit N650 – TB Joshua Gives New Prophecies [RESCUED]

by Wale Odunsi,

Published on February 20th 2017

Prophet T.B. Joshua released more prophecies to his congregation at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday specifically calling for prayer for President Muhammadu Buhari’s health.

“I have some burning issues which I want to share with you,” Joshua began before breaking his silence on the tensions currently engulfing Nigeria in the wake of Buhari’s prolonged absence on medical leave in the United Kingdom.

“Your president has good intentions. Good intentions cannot be carried out alone without good followers”.

“The priority of every Nigerian citizen now is the good health of your President because it can be anyone’s turn tomorrow. What you wish for others, God makes happen to you.”

Calling on congregants to rise up in prayer for President Muhammadu Buhari, he prayed specifically for “strength where there is weakness.”

Joshua went further to offer a profound prayer for Nigeria’s democracy.

“More importantly, we also have to rise up and pray that the Lord should give us the grace to sustain democracy. Pray for an uninterrupted democracy,” he said, much to the surprise of the congregation.

The cleric then re-echoed his prophecy in December 2015 about the devaluation of the Nigerian currency and a widespread scarcity of food.

According to him, the Naira would reach a ratio of 650 to one US Dollar on the black market before it stabilises “if the system agrees with Divine will.” Joshua said these issues would continue to plague the country “until June.”

The cleric further addressed the political crisis engulfing the Democratic Republic of Congo, stating he turned down an invitation from President Joseph Kabila several years earlier to visit the nation as he was “waiting for a revelation from God.”

Joshua recalled that he sent a delegation in his stead with a message warning the Congolese government of an impending crisis.

“Pray for God’s intervention in DRC because I am seeing trouble coming – a big trouble,” Joshua stated, also calling on the congregation to pray for parts of Southern Africa affected by natural disasters and against an impending famine in Ethiopia.

Joshua described the bane of the African political sphere as the pursuit of good leaders as opposed to good institutions.

He said that many African leaders chose cabinet members based on their hefty campaign contributions, as opposed to their qualities and loyalty, a trend that has led many Presidents to be frustrated during their stints in office.

“That someone gives you money does not mean they are your friend. Your enemy can even establish you in a big way for reasons known to him. Why should those in the same political party be fighting themselves?”

Joshua said the lack of right people around a leader has led to both businesses and churches.

“The people that represent their branches often crumble their vision. The way out is – as you are growing, take time to train and impart to people. If not, by the time you finish growing, you will end up using an enemy to help you.”

Joshua decried the attitude of blaming a country’s government for an individual’s woes, stating the main challenge was that “the world is running out of ideas.”

“Where there is no idea, money is useless. When you run out of ideas, you begin to imitate others.”

Buhari needs more prayers, dollar will hit N650 – TB Joshua gives new prophecies