Buhari’s “Human-ness” Documentary on NTA


1. Due to our campaigns on the evilness, criminality, wickedness & monstrous savagery of President Buhari, the Nigerian regime is forced to air a documentary on #Christmas day on the “human-ness” of the evil tyrant Buhari.

2. During the 2011 elections the reckless & irresponsible statements of Buhari resulted in the brutal massacre of innocent Christians in Northern Nigeria. Some of those killed were serving Corp members in Bauchi. They were burnt to death by Buhari’s supporters. Is #Buhari human?

3. Murderous “herdsmen” with green light from President Buhari brutally slaughtered 1000s innocent Nigerians across many states. The worst of these massacres happened in #SouthernKaduna where Elrufai paid these murderous terrorists. Is Buhari human?

4. On 12th December, 2015, President Buhari sent the Army to Zaria where they brutally butchered 1000+ Shia infants, children, women and men and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. #ZariaGenocide

Is Buhari human?

5. In his presidential chat immediately after the #ZariaGenocide President Buhari shamelessly and wickedly tried to justify the monstrous inhuman slaughter of innocent civilians by making fraudulent accusations against the victims. Is Buhari human? @IntlCrimCourt @PaulTArkwright

6. Total of 39 Shia families were completely wiped out of existence by the wicked mass murderer tyrant Buhari during #ZariaGenocide. He killed the fathers, mothers and all the children. He murdered them & dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night. Is Buhari human?

7. Former SFG Babachir stole huge #IDP funds using the fraudulent pretext of “Grass Cutting” but because he is very close to President Buhari that man is free today. Imagine the extent of wickedness to steal from the pathetic IDPs who fled #BokoHaram terrorism! Is Buhari human?

8. Such a wicked and heartless tyrant like Buhari want to use the Birthday of one of the greatest of men, #Jesus, to deceive Nigerians that he is “human”. He is “human” to brutally slaughtered 1000s innocent Nigerians & dumped bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.