Dangerous Buratai Propaganda Claims Iran Sponsoring SaharaReporters, Lawyers, Activists Against CoAS


New propaganda in the media in attempt to save the life of Nigeria’s embattled Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. T. Y. Buratai is alleging that Iran has dedicated $100 million dollars to bring down Buratai.

This incredulous story is in some plastic editorials currently running on sponsorship believed to be by the embattled Chief of Army.


In the write-ups, unknown sources quoted other unknown sources as saying that the Iranian government is worried that Buratai by murdering 1000 Muslims in Zaria last December and blinding and locking up IMN leader Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat, has clamped down on Shia Islam’s growth in Nigeria and this has made Iran sponsor important persons and groups in Nigeria like SaharaReporters, attorneys Femi Falana, Junaid, Dr. Peregrino Brimah, CSNAC and others, presumably, to malign the character of General Buratai with evidence of his questionably purchasing properties of $1.5 million in Dubai during the army-gate scandal money rain era.

buratai buhari

The write-ups follow a typical pattern of malicious sponsored propaganda by the Army chief through unknown, fictitious authors, that has been strongly rebuked.

Quoting the latest sponsored report in Naij.com and ReportsAfrique:

“Iran has made $100 million available for this purpose. The intervention would have happened earlier but for the tighter scrutiny of how money moves. The decision was to finally pass the money through Mr Femi Falana, who is a counsel to IMN in the case against the Nigerian Army. You know the money is being released in tranches but they are able to create the impression that he is being paid for his services but he knows how to reach out to others with interest in General Buratai,” he outlined.

“A second source in the anti-Buratai camp, who confirmed new funding for the campaign but denied knowledge of its source, confirmed that the camp was able to scale up its media activities as more groups and personalities were mobilised over the weekend to renew demands for Buratai’s sack.

“According to the source, “One of the points unanimously agreed at the last strategy session is that even if the allegations are being twisted out of proportion people will start believing them once we keep repeating them. That is what is driving the demand for him to be sacked.

““We have also made slight changes in strategies. Instead of prevailing on the General to go we are now creating the impression that his continuing on office is a question mark on Mr President’s anti-corruption stance. Fortunately, several traditional newspapers bought this argument and you can see it already reflecting on their editorial,” the source explained.”

Nigeria’s Army Chief is meanwhile yet to explain how he acquired the said properties on his annual salary of a monthly $3400.

The Nigerian Army is also yet to defend itself over attempts to mislead and misinform the public that the Army chief was never director of Procurement DHQ as has been confirmed.


No one has yet been prosecuted and the Nigerian authorities have not announced any investigations into the allegations of misappropriation of office and army finances.